Niu Teng Yu mother investigation: son codename mm20 disciplinary committee to review the case secret location was tortured

After the second trial of the Vulgar Wiki case (also known as the Xi Jinping daughter information leak case) was upheld, the mother of the “main culprit” Niu Tengyu recently went to Guangdong’s Maoming to meet with her son for the first time. During her stay in Guangdong, she learned something that is not known to outsiders.

On the morning of May 3, Niu Tengyu’s mother, Coco, met her son and saw that he was in good spirits, thinking clearly and looking pale. Right hand because of the torture now there are two fingers can not move.

In the relevant dossier, Niu Tengyu has been complaining that he was tortured to extract confessions during the Maoming Maopo police station and during the Foshan Zhuyan Park 103 finger prison. And all of this was just to beat him into a principal offender.

Lawyer Bao Longjun tweeted and questioned what had happened to Teng Yu. Why was he hospitalized several times during his detention? Why did he continue to receive treatment after returning to the detention center? This is in fact the most direct and real evidence of torture to extract confessions.

Coco told the Epoch Times, “He was locked up in a small dark room for 45 days, the original lawyer said it was at 103 Bamboo Garden, the exact location is not known, he was locked up in Foshan City South Peach Garden scenic area, there is a Bamboo Garden inside, 103 is where the discipline inspection committee secretly imprisoned corrupt officials.”

“It is said that that place into the people, not dead also to fade layers of skin, especially the horror. Children go in and can come out of this is a blessing from heaven. Niu Teng Yu was imprisoned there, is beaten to death, sent to the Luo Village Hospital.”

According to the verdict, Niu Tengyu was released from residential surveillance on January 22, 2020. “In fact, that day was the most dangerous, that is, the person could not do, before the release of ‘residential surveillance’, the admission slip was also written on the 22nd.”

Coco said she did a visit at the Luocun hospital and asked nearly 20 people.

The discharge slip was stamped with the seal of the Department of Internal Medicine of Foshan Luocun Hospital, but Coco asked at the hospital, who said there was no Department of Internal Medicine. The hospital guide map also showed that there was no internal medicine department. She then asked some non-medical staff, security guards and cleaners, and they replied that there was an internal medicine department.

She followed the guide and found the Department of Internal Medicine. The person in the department asked her who she was looking for, and she said the attending doctor, Liang Zhihui, but they said there was no such person. When she took out the hospital order, she was like avoiding the plague, not answering her questions.

Coco walked around the hospital, past the fever clinic, and met an older nurse in one of the corridors and took out a list for him to read. He looked around and said, “You don’t have to say I said it, we had a meeting at the hospital, anyone who comes to investigate mm20 is not allowed to say anything, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.”

According to the introduction, mm20 is the police to Niu Teng Yu they are imprisoned to set the secret code, hospitalization is not allowed to report their real names. mm is the meaning of the secret, 20 is the number, all the 24 children’s number is mm01 to mm24.

“But he had a mistake, the hospitalization list name written Niu Tengyu, next to a bracket marked mm20, which fully confirmed mm20 is Niu Tengyu.” Coco said.

During that time all the children were transferred to the Nanhai District Detention Center in Foshan City, the name was all written off, that is, replaced by a code. Parents simply do not know where the child went, fear depression, a few of the got depression, a parent psychosis three times hospitalized. There was also a terminal cancer.

Attending doctors “disappear”

Coco learned that the Department of Internal Medicine is an emergency department, which requires a very high level of doctors with experience in resuscitation. “I went to the first department, the second department, and all the consultation desks, and they all said that there was no Dr. Liang Zhihui. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. She said it’s not fake, the list is theirs.” A nurse asked her to look at the list of all doctors’ visits, and there was no Liang Zhihui.

The last question was to an older person who told her that Liang Zhihui was not allowed to sit in the clinic anymore. He said, “You don’t have to ask so many questions, he’s not allowed to go to the clinic anymore. He also told us that we were not allowed to say that there was such a person in our meeting.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“At that time to do his resuscitation is sorghum doctor, resuscitation experience is relatively rich, people are also quite good, but now not let him sit in the clinic. This I dare not tell you, said I may be disciplined.”

Charges of torture leading to disability

On April 23, the second trial of the Vicious Wiki case was upheld, and Niu Tengyu was resentenced to 14 years. Coco said, “Because of this case, the attending doctor his level so high not let him out of the clinic, this person to where I can not find out. Perhaps for the time being he is not allowed to appear, when the case is made into a dead case no one fired again let him out, there is this possibility. They are surprisingly scared like this.”

“The child revealed to me, he did not tell me the process, for fear that I was upset, he said that when he was locked in a small dark room, lifting the day January 22 hospital, details he said he told the lawyer.”

Niu Tengyu commissioned a lawyer to send a letter of complaint before the second trial, the task force torture vice confession caused his right hand injury and disability, and detailed account of the small black house, was hung (rope through the handcuffs hands were suspended, only toes on the ground), whipping, was dripping wax, forced to take nude photos, indecent insults beatings, was forced to kowtow to them, but also burned with a lighter privacy parts and other torture.

On January 13, 2020, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., he was hung and tortured for eleven hours, and his life was worse than death.

But on the medical records, it was written that Niu Tengyu was hospitalized for “swollen gums” and other reasons. Coco thinks, “That is what the doctor wrote according to the public security, we are analyzing according to logic. A swollen gum will make you hospitalized? Where does an abused child get that kind of treatment?”

Coco also learned that a child named Lin Shangjun (phonetic) was let go while they were held in Foshan. Earlier in the case Song, whose grandfather was a high-ranking provincial official, was let go, and Gu was let go. Originally 25 children, released a 24.

Niu Tengyu case so far, before and after hiring seven or eight lawyers, were threatened by the state security, under pressure to withdraw from the case. Some say it is because the case has been made public, especially because the torture has been made public and has become sensitive, but others say it is because of the political case.

Niu Tengyu’s mother has said she wants to continue her complaint, but multiple sources have confirmed that lawyers were denied access to Niu Tengyu’s detention center after the second trial.