Elementary school students were pulled by the teacher hair to the skin and bone separation to do seven puncture parents: can not forgive

On March 5, this year, Pingdingshan Weidong District Xinhua Road Primary School, third grade students, because of class speech was taught information class teacher Chang hair carried to the podium penalty, was later found to be separated from the scalp and skull, experienced seven punctures, bleeding amounted to 1000 ml.

Pingdingshan Public Security Bureau Weidong Branch issued a notice of opinion on May 1, the degree of injury of Yuan students constitute minor injuries. The police then detained the suspect Chang Mou.

May 4, Yuan students’ mother, Ms. Yuan told reporters that the child is currently recuperating at home, the scalp still hurts, need to regularly review the hospital, she is worried that there will be sequelae. “The school at first did not expect it to be so serious, the teacher involved has been normal classes, more than 20 days after the incident before being suspended, the school has also said that this is the teacher’s personal behavior. But the school has the responsibility to manage teachers, this happened in the school, I hope the school to bear the responsibility, and learn from the example, strengthen the management of the teacher team. The teacher also regretted and blamed himself afterwards and asked for my forgiveness, but I can’t forgive, he has to accept the punishment he deserves.”

Classroom speech elementary school students were punished by the teacher pulling hair

Afterwards dizziness and nausea symptoms

May 4, Ms. Yuan told reporters about her son Yuan classmates in school encountered teacher corporal punishment. She said, her son in Pingdingshan Weidong District Xinhua Road Primary School in the third grade, the afternoon of March 5, in the information class, her son Yuan classmates were punished by the teacher for being other students in the classroom speech.

“A total of three students were punished, were pulled by the teacher from their seats by the hair to the podium penalty. My son’s hair is relatively short, the teacher pulled his hair when he subconsciously backed up. The teacher thought he was resisting and pulled harder once more. That night when I got home, my child had dizziness and nausea, feeling uncomfortable, and he told me what happened at school.”

On March 6, Ms. Yuan found the child’s scalp swollen as big as an egg and soft to the touch, like a tomato, and she called her child’s class teacher to consult on the matter. “The class teacher understood the situation and called me back, saying that there is indeed the matter, the child because of speech by the teacher pulled hair, to the podium penalty, perhaps the teacher’s strength is relatively large.”

Ms. Yuan said that on the morning of March 7, she found that half of the child’s head were swollen, she took it to the hospital to take a CT, and found that it was a subcutaneous hematoma. “The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Later, the teacher involved and the school also admitted the teacher’s behavior, the child was admitted to the hospital, medical expenses are also paid by the teacher personally, he also regrets very remorseful, hope that parents forgive, but I can not forgive him.”

The child’s scalp skull separation hospitalized for 21 days constitutes a minor injury two

Ms. Yuan also did not expect that the teacher pulled the child’s hair would lead to such serious consequences.

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The child was discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home, until now, the child no longer need to take medication, but still have to be reviewed regularly.”

Ms. Yuan said that the incident has been nearly two months, the child’s scalp still hurts, haircut, the razor against the direction of the hair to push the pain, touching the head against the direction of the hair will also hurt, and sometimes headaches, has not fully recovered.

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. He will now be afraid of the teacher involved, fear of school, I will now also psychological guidance to him, after also respect his ideas, may consider giving him a change of school, a different environment. And now that his child is recuperating, I’m also worried if he will have after-effects. Originally the child’s school is quite good, are the top three in the class, but because of this matter, this semester is basically ruined, in order not to delay the follow-up learning, after may have to repeat the third grade.”

The teacher involved has been detained school has been reported to the Education Bureau

After this incident, Court students are afraid to go to school, afraid of the teacher involved, Ms. Court also consider the child’s idea to help him transfer to another school. “The child had a cheerful personality, especially understanding, during hospitalization, he obviously can not open his eyes, see the teacher principal over to visit, but also trembling to hold up to the teacher, principal greetings, see him that way, their principal could not help but weep.”

Ms. Yuan said, after the incident, she called the police, the child hospitalized school are aware of, but also has been calling to ask the child’s situation, but the school did not the first time the teacher involved in the suspension, the school’s vice principal Zhang had also said that the matter is the teacher’s personal behavior led to, and the teacher to the school also has a teacher moral commitment letter. “The school may not have thought it was so serious at first, and not enough attention, the teacher involved has been normal classes, more than 20 days after the incident before being suspended.”

The company’s first-ever “new” product, the “new” product, is the “new” product. Ms. Yuan said that the same day, the police told her that the suspect Changmou has been criminally detained.

May 4 afternoon, the reporter called the school involved in this Zhang vice principal, she said, the school has been the teacher involved in the matter, and reported to the Education Bureau, is waiting for the results of the Education Bureau, at the same time, the parents of students have called the police, the police have been involved in the investigation. As for the specific results of the school’s teachers involved, Vice Principal Zhang said it is inconvenient to disclose. In this regard, the Weidong District Education and Sports Bureau staff said that the matter is not known, and then consult after the holiday work.

Reporters called the Weidong Public Security Bureau to consult the matter, the phone is not yet connected, call the police, the other side said inconvenient to accept interviews.