The first “space” ticket auction! Bezos Space opens for bidding

Amazon founder Bezos’ space exploration company Blue Origin announced that it will launch its first manned space mission on July 20, and passengers will ride the “New Shepard” (New Shepard) rocket through the edge of space, and will publicly auction one of the seats to the general public. However, there is no public sale of tickets and public ticket price information.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, blue source company will hold a rocket seat secret bidding (the buyer bid confidential) until May 19, participants must provide additional identification information, and prove to have a higher than the bid amount of $10,000 in savings, in order to join, it is estimated that the bid may soar to $50,000, from May 19 to open bidding, and will eventually be held on June 12, the final online The company’s first ever online bidding event will be held on June 12.

The new Shepard will be available for sale on June 12. (Photo / Reuters)

The company’s new Shepard, which has reached an altitude of more than 100 kilometers or more in previous test flights, can carry six passengers at a time over the edge of space, with large windows for passengers to see the beauty of space, and can perform a few minutes of no-gravity before flying back to Earth, but has not carried any passengers so far, only test flights of the rocket and capsule without crew for more than a dozen times, including last month at Blue Origin’s base in the Texas desert. The company’s base in the Texas desert for a test flight last month.

The 49-second video released by Blue Source on the 29th shows Bezos driving across the desert to investigate the site, while the “New Shepherd” completes its mission and slowly lands from the air to the ground, surrounded by happy staff clapping and cheering.

According to the Financial Times, if the voyage is successful, it will be the first commercial space flight for the general public to fly over the Kamen line (Kármán line) to outer space. The Kármán line is defined by the Federation of International Aviation (FAI) as the boundary between outer space and the Earth’s atmosphere, and is located at a height of about 100 kilometers from the earth’s surface.