Mainland talent show was suspended, why fans buy milk and dumped

Recently, a talent show produced and broadcast by mainland Akiyo was suspended, probably because or one of the show’s popular winning contestants was reported for multiple problems, as well as fans buying a lot of milk from sponsors in order to vote for their idols, but much of the milk was dumped in crates, triggering public criticism.

On April 29, a video of the dumped milk created a buzz online. The picture shows a fan hiring someone to take the bottle cap and pour the milk. (Web Photo)

On April 29, a video of milk pouring was hotly debated on the Internet. It was alleged that fans of the talent show “Youth With You 3” bought milk and couldn’t finish it, so they hired special staff to pour it directly into the ditch. And what’s even more alarming is that there’s a whole wall of milk crates waiting to be dumped ……

According to reports, the drink involved is a partner of the talent show, the audience can vote for the contestants after purchase, but voting requires sweeping the QR code inside the bottle cap, you must open the bottle to sweep the code to vote. This is why a large number of fans are buying milk like crazy, and they can’t drink it all and dump the cartons of milk.

In addition to the controversy caused by “pouring milk”, another possible reason why the show was called off is that one of the contestants surnamed Yu was reported to be suspected of prostitution and drug trafficking in the KTV under his parents’ name, and was also questioned to have dual citizenship. The contestant has now issued a statement of withdrawal from the competition.

However, a mainland netizen said, “Yu XX is not the main cause of this, but the fuse triggered the suspension. The main reason is that fans collect money to buy milk, and then pour milk to waste food, both reasons.” “Pouring milk is the main cause.”

But some netizens said, “Pouring milk is last year’s video, this suspension is mainly because someone reported.”

Another netizen said, “What kind of values are these talent shows really bringing to teenagers? The contestants’ support groups are also openly forcing their fans to collect money, and the amount of money collected is not enough to punish them.”

The exclusive title sponsor of “Youth have you” is Mengniu’s real fruit grain milk drink, so fans called idol voting is to buy “milk tickets” “milk card”, each “milk ticket” can vote 2 to The “milk ticket” can be voted from 2 to 3 votes.

Although the organizers have apologized, but netizens do not buy it, demanding a complete ban on such unnutritious talent show.

The wastefulness of this milk pouring has aroused the discontent and anger of mainland netizens: “Mengniu and Akiyoshi should reflect on this kind of inducement to buy. Is it selling milk or selling votes?” “Wasteful and sinful!” “Not allowed to run this kind of entertainment program, it’s boring.”

Late on May 4, the program was asked to suspend recording by the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau. The variety show group issued a statement on the 5th saying that it suspended the recording of the program with immediate effect and apologized for the problems that arose.