The outbreak will be devastating: 17 people confirmed at Everest Base Camp and counting

According to foreign media reports, at least 17 climbers have been diagnosed with the New Coronavirus at the Everest base camp located in Nepal. Climbers and doctors in the base camp revealed that more and more people are showing symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus.

Comprehensive Indian “print” and the BBC 5 reported, Nepal Himalayan Rescue Association official Sherpa said: “We have received reports of 17 climbers infected with the new coronavirus from the hospital in the capital Kathmandu. We are now asking the expedition to keep us informed before sending the sick team members to Kathmandu so that we know what is happening.”

Dr. Karel, Sherpa’s colleague at the Everest Base Camp clinic, said the number of people showing symptoms of New Coronavirus infection, such as persistent coughs and fevers, is increasing daily, and medical staff want to make sure those with symptoms are isolated. The leader of an expedition also told the media that while it is common for climbers to have coughing symptoms, some are now experiencing other symptoms such as fever and body aches.

The BBC says the number of new crown cases in Nepal has risen sharply in recent weeks and the infection rate is the highest among India’s neighbors. Mountaineers fear that a serious outbreak on Mount Everest would have “devastating consequences”.