Texas Attorney General: Parents Should Oppose Critical Race Theory

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praised Tuesday (May 4) the many parents who are speaking out against the teaching of quasi-Marxist critical race theory (CRT) in U.S. schools. He also urged more people to come forward and point out the problem. He also urged more people to stand up and point out the problem, saying it is “the only way to save our children from leftist indoctrination.

Paxton made the remarks Tuesday on the conservative news channel Newsmax. He was asked by host Chris Salcedo to comment on the “growing number of parents in public schools who are opposed to left-wing indoctrination.

In his opening remarks before asking the question, Salcedo noted that voters in Southlake, a northern suburb of the Dallas area, recently gave a landslide victory to some school board and city council candidates who opposed a plan to teach critical race theory in the district.

Paxton said, “It’s encouraging that parents are getting involved in this, that they care about issues like this, and that they want race to be respected, not scorned, as the Democrats are pushing us to do.”

Critical race theory (CTR), championed by the Frankfurt School, is a branch of critical theoretical social philosophy influenced by Marx. It asserts that race is not a natural birthright, but a social construct to oppress and exploit people of color.

In September 2020, former U.S. President Donald Trump (Trump) signed an executive order banning the teaching of critical race theory in federal institutions, which the White House at the time referred to as “anti-American propaganda.”

This quasi-Marxist ideology, however, has been embraced by the current U.S. government. President Joe Biden overturned this September 2020 Trump executive order immediately upon entering the White House, and has promoted education in critical race theory in a number of areas.

The Biden administration’s efforts have drawn widespread opposition from federal and state Republican lawmakers, conservatives and related organizations, as well as parents of students.

Paxton said the discussion around race should celebrate diversity, not denigrate any particular group.

Paxton said, “Instead of dividing us, it’s important for us to realize that while we all have different backgrounds, we’re all here at the same time for a reason, and God created us all.”

“So I’m really grateful for these parents. I wish more people would stand up and speak out. It’s the only way we can save our country, and it’s the only way we can save our children.”

In recent decades, critical race theory has emerged in academia, government agencies, school systems and the corporate world. It redefines human history as a struggle between the “oppressor” and the “oppressed,” similar to the Marxist reading of history as “bourgeois” and “proletarian. “proletariat”. It labels institutions that emerge in predominantly white societies as racist and “white supremacist.

Some professional organizations are also supporting the study of critical race theory.

A statement issued last year by the Organization of American Historians said, “The best historical investigations acknowledge and interrogate – race, ethnicity, gender, class -systems of oppression, and speak openly about the long-standing injustices of these systems in the past and present.” The organization is the largest professional organization of American history scholars.

In a recent op-ed, Roger l. Simon, an award-winning novelist and Epoch Times contributor, noted that critical race theory is itself, fundamentally, racist.

He writes, “There are many definitions and interpretations of CRT (critical race theory), a literal illusion made up of intellectual obfuscation. The material that makes up such papers and ‘studies,’ some of which are quite remarkable, is sophistically linked together. Critical race theory, on the other hand, can be boiled down to something rather simple.”

Simon writes, “Martin Luther King Jr.’s unquestionable and famous dream that one day we could judge each other by the merits of our character, rather than by the color of our skin, has been turned on its head (by critical race theory). The color of our skin (according to critical race theory) will become everything about our existence, no matter what, inescapable.”

Simon writes, “(According to critical race theory) race is everything. In order to be considered good, you have to accept it, really bow to it, and act accordingly.”

He adds, “And it goes without saying (according to critical race theory) that the Caucasian race – which is defined differently depending on the context – now has what is called a “White Hispanic” race. “The White Hispanic race – in this (social) structure – does almost all the bad things and is essentially the root of all evil.”