U.S. media exclusive: CCTV is promoting the “abolition of police” campaign in the United States, inciting racial tensions

National Pulse reported on May 4 that the Communist-run media is making the case for “police abolition” in the United States, capitalizing on the latest, radical Marxist talking points from the far left.

In an April 30 op-ed, “Police violence won’t end until we commit to public safety,” China Global Television Network (CGTN) presented the main historical rationale for abolishing the police The article presents the main historical rationale for abolishing the police department, saying that the police developed from slave patrols and are therefore inherently racist.

The article, written by Towson University adjunct professor Ray Baker, conflates the police with slave patrols.

The article in the CGPN concludes, “To demand accountability and fairness in policing is to abolish policing as we know it. “

The article warns that “the lesson that white America has taught black people must be that white people will not save black people,” and goes on to explain in detail the “pervasive anti-blackness” of American society.

According to National Pulse, the article is an example of the Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to inflame racial tensions in the United States, where anti-Western influence is on the rise.