Marley 25-year-old mother surprise! Pregnancy check 7 babies “delivered 9 twins” by cesarean section

A 25-year-old mother in Mali, a West African country, was told by her physician that she had seven children in her belly when she was pregnant, but she didn’t expect to give birth to nine children when she gave birth on the 4th, and now all nine babies are healthy in the incubator, and this heartwarming picture then went viral on the internet.

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Halima Cisse took a flight to a hospital in Morocco, where the doctor checked that Halima Cisse had seven children.

The event caused a local sensation, and many people are concerned about the 9 children and the mother’s condition. In this regard, the Minister of Health of Mali Fanta Siby (Fanta Siby) issued a statement, pointing out that Halima Cisse and the nine twins are in good condition, the nine babies are also lying in the incubator, very healthy, and the nine babies include five girls and four boys, they lie in the incubator of the warm picture has also gone viral on the Internet.