Gates hundred billion divorce case lawyer group exposed, the god of stocks also “in the war”

Bill Gates and his wife Merlene announced their divorce on the 3rd, and the division of their $130 billion in assets became the focus.

According to foreign media, Mr. and Mrs. Gates hold a number of properties, ranches, farmland, luxury cars, etc. Gates bought a total of 240,000 acres of farmland, was named the largest farmer in the United States.

However, Maylene did not ask for alimony in the divorce petition, and did not disclose personal asset information for the time being, but has submitted a financial supervision application to restrict the man’s temporary change of assets, here to show Maylene’s distrust of Gates.

The two announced their divorce in very friendly terms, but when it comes to $130 billion in assets, they were particularly nervous and hired a “team of lawyers” in a hurry.

According to the report, Meline’s team of four New York lawyers from two independent firms and Gates hired three senior barristers, one of whom, Charles T Munger, is a partner of Gates’ longtime friend Warren Buffett.

The lawsuit between the two is one of the most expensive divorce cases in history, yet not the most expensive.

The most expensive divorce lawsuit was Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who split $150 billion with his ex-wife Mackenzie in 2019, when Jeff Bezos split $59.8 billion because of an extramarital affair, so Mackenzie.

Gates and Merlene were born in a wealthy family, their parents are elite in the industry, the two schoolmasters intertwined because of puzzles and math problems, Gates was already a billionaire before marriage, Merlene became a virtuous wife after marriage, accumulating hundreds of billions of dollars for him.

The two have three children, respectively, 25-year-old eldest daughter Jennifer, 21-year-old eldest son Rory and 18-year-old second daughter Phoebe, for the parents divorce. Jennifer posted that the family is facing the most severe challenges, the Gates couple confessed that they will try to negotiate and take care of the three children’s emotions.

Merlene in the divorce petition asked the judge to dissolve the marriage contract on the date specified in the contract of separation between the two, there is no relevant property distribution plan, only a separation agreement.

Maylene asked the court in April 2022 trial, but as long as Gates agreed, the two may not be trial to resolve the marriage contract, the only difficulty is 130 billion property division issues.

According to the Hong Kong media, their children may not be much trouble in terms of property, because the two men said early on, donated most of the property, leaving only $10 million to each child, the property located in Florida is left to the eldest daughter Jennifer.