CCP mocks Indian epidemic in 4 unusual points

The New Coronavirus (China virus) has spread from China to the world and has devastated many countries. India has been the hardest hit country so far, with record numbers of confirmed cases and deaths in a single day for several days. The Chinese Communist Party, which is seen as the culprit of the disaster, has taken the opportunity to rubbish the situation by posting on Weibo to mock India’s tragic situation, sparking public anger. Some experts say there are four unusual aspects to this.

The official microblogging account of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee, China Chang’an, posted an article on the afternoon of May 1, saying “China lighting a fire vs. India lighting a fire”, with pictures of China launching a Long March 8 carrier rocket and India cremating a pile of firewood from the bodies of the infected. The tweet also included the hashtag “400,000 new cases diagnosed in India in a single day”.

The posting was widely seen as a mockery of the current tragic situation in India. After being retweeted nearly 10,000 times by netizens and generating huge controversy, the original post has now been deleted.

According to commentator Tang Jingyuan, this posting by the CCP is not just a mere satire of India, but a “celebration” of the fact that India’s single day of diagnosis exceeded the 400,000 mark. He also tweeted on May 4 that the “ignition incident” had four “unusual” features.

One is that on the 30th of last month, Xi Jinping called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to express his condolences and offer assistance, not expecting that only a day later, the CCP’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission would make a big mockery of the Indian epidemic, completely discrediting the “goodwill” that Xi had just shown.

This is not just a whim, but, according to Tang Jingyuan, “the result of his almost irrational complacency and rampage, which, in the old saying, is that he finally ran into a ghost after a long walk at night”.

Secondly, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times and Shen Yi, a commentator for the Observer, are both mouthpieces of the Chinese Communist Party, but a war of words has broken out over the matter.

Shen Yi praised the CCP’s stalking map as “quite well done” and even called India a “sultry bitch”, leaving a comment under the posting denouncing the CCP’s netizens as “holy bitches”.

Hu Xijin, who has been known as the “grifter” of the Chinese Communist Party, has gone against the norm and said publicly that this is not a good move by the CPPCC, because the official should raise the humanitarian flag, express sympathy for India, and put Chinese society firmly on the moral high ground. The English-language journalist Chen Qingqing, a correspondent for the Ring, also tweeted that the comparison chart by China Chang’an was “completely ridiculous.

The third anomaly is that the Political and Legal Affairs Commission has been speaking out frequently lately.

Tang Jingyuan found that from the “Maotai academician” and “Zheng Shuang surrogacy” social entertainment scandals, to the H&M Xinjiang cotton fiasco a while ago, to the “ignition incident” this time, the CPC Political and Legal Committee The Chinese Communist Party’s Political and Legal Committee has jumped in to guide public opinion and share the power of internal propaganda across the border. He believes that the CPPCC has the potential to become the second Central Propaganda Department, which may reflect the emergence of forces opposed to Xi Jinping, or that the CCP is trying to “control public opinion on multiple levels,” with the official media “singing red” and the new media, such as the CPPCC and the Communist Youth League, mainly targeting young people, “singing black. The new media, such as the Political and Legal Committee and the Communist Youth League, are “singing black”.

The last point, Tang Jingyuan said, is that the Chinese Communist Party could have used more active assistance than the United States to pull India-China relations together, but Modi recently spoke with President Biden and tweeted to thank the United States for the medical aid, but the Chinese Communist Party unnecessarily sour U.S. aid “late,” turning a warm offensive into a “high-profile anti-U.S. political offensive. The “late kick” from the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee was a diplomatic disaster.

He argued, “Xi Jinping sent a little painkiller on his front foot, and the Commission rushed to rub salt into India’s wounds on the back. Originally Xi Jinping wanted to smash a wedge between the U.S. and India, but before he could raise the nail hammer, he was first pulled out of the air by a few 80s and 90s young war wolves from his own political and legal department.”

Relations between Communist China and India have been volatile in recent months. Not only did a border dispute between the two sides erupt last year that killed dozens of people and damaged their economic ties, but India is also a key member of the U.S. Indo-Pacific alliance aimed at countering the Communist Party. Relations between India and China continue to be strained despite ongoing high-level talks.