Riding, slapping, kicking and beating…kindergarten teachers abuse children really no bottom line?

A teacher should be loving and patient, but a female kindergarten teacher in Shandong has been uncovered to be abusive to young schoolchildren, such as riding on them and pinning them to the ground, and taking them into the toilet without closed-circuit television and beating them. The police investigated the case, and the teacher who escaped at one point was placed under administrative detention, and it was revealed that she was an unlicensed teacher. The netizens have denounced the school and the assailant, criticizing her lack of compassion and unworthy of being a teacher.

The incident occurred on the 30th of last month, a kindergarten named “Gu Rui” in Linyi, Shandong Province, a young child ran to play on the slide during physical education class, the class teacher surnamed Li took up the clothes and brought into the toilet, because there is no closed-circuit television in the toilet, the teacher surnamed Li is suspected of slapping and kicking the children. The closed-circuit television also captured the 29th teacher surnamed Lee riding on the child, the child down on the ground, another teacher witnessed the incident, but only “pawing through”, did not do anything to stop.

After the teacher abused, and threatened the child not to report to parents, the results were heard by another parent to expose the incident. Although the teacher surnamed Li has been denied, even after watching the CCTV footage, but also sophomoric just lightly stroking the hair of the schoolchildren, but the explanation is difficult to convince the public, the teacher once fled, parents also reported to the police on the incident, but also revealed that she did not have a kindergarten teacher qualification.

The police issued a notice on Sunday (2) that after receiving the report has sent police officers to investigate and collect evidence, has been administratively detained 47-year-old teacher surnamed Li. The kindergarten was ordered to close down by the Linyi Luozhuang District Education and Sports Bureau, which has repeatedly prevented parents from watching CCTV footage in the process, but now says it will actively cooperate with the public security authorities in their investigation.

Mainland netizens comment.

BACK1342: Such people do not love children at all, simply do not deserve to be kindergarten teachers.

nvsT1: not caught before this first deal with kindergarten, only to let the kindergarten long lessons will not hire such people as kindergarten teachers.

Bai Su yoyo: next to the teacher who saw also walked away should not be fired together?

Rose and Nana: so impatient, even the monitoring area do not care, simply heartless.

LLINYANHUA: It’s terrible, although it’s true that some children are very naughty, but as an adult to treat children like this really does not work, let alone a teacher.