Huawei explodes, Kirin 985+128GB drops to 2,699, and 50x zoom

Huawei is currently the most popular Chinese mobile phone brand, although in recent years in overseas markets continue to be hampered, but Huawei’s sales are still very good, in the second quarter of this year, Huawei’s global sales for the first time more than Samsung. Huawei’s annual release of mobile phones is also very much, but not every model is worth starting, for the pursuit of cost-effective words, its sub-brand glory series, naturally, is the best choice.

For example, the figure this Huawei glory 30 is a good choice, glory every year of the digital flagship is very popular, this glory 30 is released in April this year, this year’s glory 30 series has three models to choose from, including the glory 30pro series price is still relatively high, and this glory 30 is more suitable for the public general consumers, the current price is also a lot of price cuts, 6 + 128GB fell to 2699, while 8 + 128GB is also less than three thousand, to 2999 yuan.

The company’s newest product, the Snapdragon 985 chip, is the same 5G baseband as its own 990, which is naturally an integrated 5G chip. The 990, Snapdragon 865 phone gap isn’t significant.

It is the most popular design of this year’s perforated screen, with a hole located on the left side of the screen. So the battery capacity is modest, with four thousand mAh, and fast charging is the highest Huawei 40W solution available.

Compared to friendly 5G phones in the same price range, Huawei glory 30 biggest advantage in the photo, the rear 40 million quad-camera lens, the main camera is RYYB arranged 40 million super-sensitive main camera (IMX600Y), night shot is very good, the machine also equipped with a a periscope telephoto lens, which can achieve 50x digital zoom, can clearly capture 20-30 meters away from what you want to see. Certain detail scenes. So what do you all think of this Glory 30?