Government-run charity program ends in abortion after another scandal Leukemia child defrauded of life-saving money

A fraud scandal caused the abortion of the Aurora Project launched by the Henan Provincial Charity Federation.

An employee working in a county medical insurance bureau became a “charity master” and easily cheated parents of leukemia children out of millions of dollars in life-saving money under the guise of a “donor matching program”. The media reported that there were victims in Hubei, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other places. The man involved was suspended from his job in January and was formally arrested by Beijing police last week, while the charity scheme led by the Henan Provincial Charity Federation came to an untimely end. While the government-run charity was quick to cut ties with the fraudsters involved, top-down systemic corruption was at the root of the scandal. (By Huang Xiaoshan/Cheng Wen)

Parents of children with leukemia, who were cheated out of millions of dollars to save their lives, continued to complain after the “Aurora Project” sponsored by the Henan Provincial Charity Federation went nowhere, finally revealing the fraudulent behavior of Wang Yanan, a female staff member of the Tongbai County Medical Insurance Bureau in Henan Province. Officials confirmed that Wang Yanan was suspended from her job in January this year due to a charity dispute.

Wang Yanan’s scheme is very simple, using her public position activities, to the patient’s family proposed the so-called “donation matching program”, “every donation of two yuan, you can get an additional platform matching one yuan.” Donations are paid into her personal account, and she runs the matching program. Parents of desperate children put their last hope on her.

Hu Yingzhi, head of the online fundraising and social work department of the Henan Provincial Charity Federation, stressed when queried by the station that the forms Wang Yanan asked the parents of the patients to fill out were not institutional documents and that her actions had nothing to do with the charity federation. However, she did not explain why, for several years, Wang Yanan could operate in the name of the Henan Charity Federation in a high profile manner.

According to the fundraising special project of Henan Charity Federation, the government-run charity has raised very limited funds due to credit problems. (Screenshot of Henan Charity Federation website/date unknown)

Hu Yingzhi said: Wang Yanan she is not our organization, and we have not seen her. She that is not a contract, it is our relief form, it is not our unit of secrecy. Our form is written inside, you fill out this thing, does not mean we want to rescue. The reason is that we also have some partner organizations, our Aurora Project is the 21st Century Foundation, and then people do not work with Wang Yanan this person to cooperate ah.

The 21st Century Foundation also drew a line in the sand, insisting that it had nothing to do with Wang Yanan, but avoided talking about the reasons why the patient’s family was asked to match the donation at their own expense.

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. Can you send a copy of this reporter’s letter? Then we can let this person in charge give you a detailed answer.

The matter is widely involved, media people Hu Jun said to this station, because it involves people in the system, a variety of reasons that can not be said explicitly, he can not report publicly.

Mr. Hu said: is also a civil servant, has been arrested by the Beijing Haidian police, this is very normal, the system, ah, so. We do not report this, it is impossible to report, cover up.

According to informed sources, Wang Yanan can be said to be the victim, in fact, in the past 10 years, Wang Yanan operation of the donation and matching mode, in the circle of major medical aid, charity circle is an open secret. Because if not, it will not be able to get official charities, as well as more relief from the private sector. Although it violates charity law, it gives patients a greater chance of saving their lives.

Ren Ruihong, the former head of the China Red Cross Major Illness Relief Project, also pointed out that donating a certain amount of money in exchange for matching donations is seen by many patients as their last chance to get relief, and has also become a shortcut for many fraudsters to cheat. The unscrupulous enterprises use this to harvest patients as leeks, and government-run charities use this to harvest digital achievements.

Hey, this kind of quite a lot, because in the country it is now a lot of charity projects, the main model is what it is, for example, a business it to register a foundation, and then with a foundation to cooperate, the so-called this matching donation, in fact, the original price is 2 million, and then it tells you that this is 3 million, and then you pay 2 million, I give you matching (donation) 1 million, in fact, it does not have what In fact, it does not have any preferential ah, all kinds of such matching donations a lot.

Mr. Li, a Chongqing NGO, pointed out that the official control of private charity, and tighten the private mutual aid, and the function of government-run charities is more to maintain stability, families of patients with serious illnesses are difficult to get help from the official, will turn to any private channel. And after being cheated, the official will not have any substantial help for them, except for cutting.

As a result of this incident, a special project for children with leukemia, initiated by the Henan Provincial Charity Federation and the 21st Century Foundation, also ended without a hitch. But there is no word on where the millions of yuan in life-saving money will go. The lives of the affected children are at stake because they lost the opportunity for bone marrow transplants.

In 2017, more than 100 families of leukemia patients in Yanjiao were subjected to a “matching donation” scam, and not only did they not receive the promised money, but their capital was also lost. The amount of money defrauded was more than 10 million.