Wow! The Justice Department raided Giuliani’s house, just not Hunter Biden’s computer hard drive.

The Gateway Pundit reported on April 28 that on Wednesday, the Biden administration’s Justice Department searched Giuliani’s apartment and offices in New York, seizing records and electronic equipment. Late in the afternoon, Giuliani issued a statement on the political raid.

Giuliani said the corrupt Biden Justice Department took everything but laptop hard drives that stored evidence of Hunter Biden’s crimes, which were not among those copied away.

In a statement released by his lawyer, Giuliani said he “repeatedly offered the hard drive” for the FBI to take, but the FBI “steadfastly refused”.

The statement also emphasized, “Remember, agents cannot read physical hard drives without being plugged in, but they took Mr. Giuliani at his word that these hard drives were copies of Hunter Biden’s hard drives and did not contain anything related to Mr. Giuliani.”

“Their reliance on Mr. Giuliani’s credibility told people everything they needed to know about the case.”