What kind of equipment was used to shoot the video of Li Zi Qi and what software was used to process it?

I’ve just watched some of Plum’s videos, her videos are of very high quality, she shoots with a fixed camera, it doesn’t matter what equipment, as long as it has enough resolution, he makes a video very laborious, her skill lies in post editing, every one of her videos is a complete story.

A work that has a complete story, a stable shot, a reasonable framing, a proportional relationship between the characters and the image, camera transitions in sync with the progress of the story, stable and accurate without confusion.

I have to say that this work must be done in the computer, his transitions and editing without having to ask, is professionally trained, this is a complete set of video production system, it is difficult to do with a mobile phone.

It’s not just about the editing, there’s also a whole process of conceptual design, which is very difficult for a person to do so comprehensively, but it’s easy to do if you have enough time and energy.

Good work is definitely popular, and good content is more likely to be accepted by the public.

It’s worth the video creator’s serious attention.

Note Oh: her work spans a large time span, the demand for material is great, a 10-minute work, without dozens of hours of filming, it can not be done, this is a kind of professionalism, Li Ziqi 3 years ago is this kind of filming production methods.