Bankrupt the Red Devil Brainwashing Technique like Zhao Ting

Zhao Ting, a 39-year-old Chinese director, won the 2021 Academy Award for Best Director for her film “Land of the Uninhabited”. What’s interesting is that China, where she comes from, didn’t broadcast any of the images and social networks blocked the word “Zhao Ting”, while Zhao Ting won the Golden Globe last month and the official media had reveled that it was “the pride of China”.

This contrast is due to the fact that Chinese pink netizens had earlier rehashed what Zhao said to a film magazine eight years ago about her feelings growing up: “I grew up in China, a country full of lies. I was given information as a child that later turned out to be false and made me rebellious.”

Zhao Ting’s statement was called “insulting” by some Chinese netizens, but against the backdrop of the CCP’s recent preparations for the centennial of the Party, which have already begun by revising the Party’s history to downplay the Cultural Revolution, claiming to combat so-called historical nihilism, and strengthening red ideological education for all, what Zhao Ting really made difficult for the CCP authorities was that she publicly stated that she had successfully What Zhao Ting has really upset the CCP authorities is that she has publicly demonstrated that she has successfully “cracked” the CCP’s education on lies, inadvertently becoming a case of the CCP’s brainwashing technique going bankrupt.

Zhao Ting and the Younger Who Bankrupted the CCP’s Lies and Brainwashing

Born in Beijing in 1982, Zhao Ting went to a private boarding school in London, England, when she was 14 (or 16), and later earned a bachelor’s degree in political science in the United States and a bachelor’s degree in film from New York University. Some people are desperately trying to dig up Zhao Ting’s family background, but that is not important compared to her courage to publicly expose the Chinese Communist Party’s scars.

We don’t know exactly what the CCP lies that Zhao Ting is talking about. She is talking about the information she received as a child, which is supposed to be taught in CCP textbooks, which contain many “heroic” stories that tell you that “without the Communist Party, there would be no new China” and cover up all the evils in the history of the CCP. After Zhao Ting left the country, she had her own independent thinking in the free world, and she later found out that what the Communist Party said was false.

Zhao Ting is post-80s and still belongs to the younger generation. In fact, like Zhao Ting, there are more and more young Chinese in recent years who have overturned in their later understanding what they were indoctrinated by the CCP in the early days, and they are equally bold to declare it openly, which was rarely seen in the past.

Another recent example, for example, is Xu Xiuzhong, a former Australian-Chinese journalist involved in writing a report on forced labor of Uighurs in Xinjiang, who has been described by the CCP media as an “extreme anti-Chinese scum”. However, Xu Xiuzhong, who only studied in Australia in her second year of university, said she was once a nationalist, but having interviewed persecuted Chinese people in Australia made her reflect on her position.

Then there is the case of 19-year-old Wang Jingyu, a Chinese expatriate, who was chased across the border by the Chinese Communist authorities for posting on Weibo questioning the official Communist Party’s claims about soldiers killed on the China-India border. He had a declaration saying that he was uncomfortable with the content of the official reports of the Chinese Communist Party, which were completely fabricated and disregarded the facts, and that he did not want to live in a country full of lies. He said that the CCP’s education starts from kindergarten with fabrications and deceptions, and that “this evil party, sooner or later, will die.

In March 2019, Li Jiabao, a 21-year-old mainland student from Tainan Jia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science in Shandong Province, China, criticized the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party authorities live on social media, saying that China is now “darker than it was before the Xinhai Revolution.

Li said they have been tested on politics from school to graduate school, and that political education at universities has intensified since 2016. “Everything the Communist Party says is false!” “When I first entered society, I found that the society was not like what the Communist Party described in school, and inwardly I was disgusted with the Communist Party.”

The Communist Party is not an ordinary political party

The Communist Party is not an ordinary political party; people of faith call it the devil and the red devil, and since its establishment until today, the CCP has suppressed orthodox beliefs and is now considered by many educated people to be the world’s largest cult.

The CCP’s brainwashing of its party members, as well as the general public, has been a cult-like practice of coercion, whether soft or hard. Especially now that its Marxist ideology is bankrupt, the cult’s brainwashing is now packaged with Xi Jinping’s ideas and called “Marxism for the 21st century.

By the centennial of the Communist Party, the Beijing authorities are pushing red education and tightening the control of people’s minds. Schools, of course, are again the hardest hit by indoctrination. This year, elementary school students will begin the school year with a lesson on the history of the Party, and students are scheduled to participate in red activities under the banner of patriotism. Secondary schools across the country are planning to strengthen military training, making it easier to conduct closed brainwashing.

The Communist Party leader himself recently spoke out at Tsinghua University, suggesting that university students should be “red and specialized”. This terminology is reminiscent of the Mao era. And “red and professional” in the context of authoritarian ideology means that these young people should become lackeys with professional knowledge but loyal to the authoritarian regime.

Zhou Huilin, head of the propaganda department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said at a press conference of the Ministry of Propaganda on April 22 that Shanghai’s party history education focuses on the two key groups of party leaders and young people, emphasizing that party history education should be “in the brain and in the heart. Shanghai is the place where the Communist Party’s “First Congress” was held, and its practice will of course be replicated nationwide.

This “into the brain into the heart”, as horrible as it sounds, is to do whatever it takes to force people into the heart and brain, and only a cult would do this. After all, the Chinese Communist Party is not an ordinary political party, and it knows that normal human beings can no longer accept its demonic heresy, so it has resorted to this rogue method.

When the children of the “wall state” grow up, the image of the party-state will collapse like a sand sculpture

In a rare move, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee issued an official document for young children to “listen to the Party and follow the Party”. This is also because after years of ideological brainwashing, the CCP found that it did not work and is once again throwing its weight around to “start with the children.

The authorities have recently ordered the establishment of 12 negative lists of extracurricular reading materials for primary and secondary schools, which supposedly contradict the Party’s line and policy, slander and vilify Party and state leaders and heroic figures, as well as those involving religion. Some people question why the children and grandchildren of senior officials are studying abroad. Is it because they will come back in the future in order to better rule the offspring of the people who have been brainwashed by the foolish technique?

But especially as in these previous examples. Year after year, the children of the Chinese Communist Party’s “wall country” grow up and eventually come into contact with the outside world. Once they learn the truth about China’s history and reality, the natural power of universal values can disrupt the evil toxins of brainwashing under totalitarian dictatorship. Those results of CCP brainwashing – including the constructed image of the party-state will collapse like a sand sculpture.

Don’t look at how those small pinkos in China or overseas who seem to be very big on the Internet are advocating, but in fact, a lot of them are just for immediate benefits, just like college students who joined the CCP before graduation, full of utilitarianism. Once the situation changes, many people will quickly leave.

Of course, there are also many people who are not aware of the truth because they have been brainwashed. There are many Chinese students who arrive overseas and still just soak in the WeChat circle, unwilling to receive free information.

But as time goes by and the truth continues to emerge, there will be fewer and fewer such people. There will be more and more young people like Zhao Ting, Xu Xuzhong, Wang Jingyu, and Li Jiabao who will see through the lies of the Red Dynasty, along with the coming of the end of the Chinese Communist regime.