Revealed: why Biden was afraid to fire Kerry, the special envoy who leaked military secrets to Iran?

National Pulse reported on April 28 that Biden’s White House has been silent on the leaked tape of Iran’s foreign minister showing that Biden’s climate commissioner, John Kerry, had told Iran’s foreign minister that “Israel has conducted at least 200 attacks on Iranian interests in Syria.” Kerry, the former secretary of state, got away with leaking secrets to countries that the U.S. government has identified as sponsors of terrorism.

The tapes should have been a major international scandal, and could have even constituted grounds for firing Kerry. But when asked about it, press secretary Jen Psaki didn’t even say “recuse” but responded directly and sternly, “We’re not going to comment on the leaked tapes.” Three days after the scandal, the White House remains “silent. So why is the White House staying silent?

Although Biden and Kerry have been friends for years, Kerry has another “insurance policy” when it comes to Kerry’s freedom in the Biden regime: the tapes on Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

The tape, released exclusively by National Pulse, shows Biden’s son bragging about “doing business” with foreign adversaries, including “a damn Chinese spy chief. This confession, along with countless emails, text messages and financial transactions, makes Hunter Biden a proper repeat offender when it comes to corruption, collusion with foreign countries and compromising with them.

So who had a front row seat to all these business dealings? It’s Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz (D-NY).

The son of Kerry’s current wife, the billionaire heir to the Heinz family, co-founded Rosemont Capital, an international private equity firm backed by Heinz family cash, with Hunter Biden in 2009. The multibillion-dollar firm has a number of other arms, including Rosemont Seneca Partners, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, and even Rosemont Realty. Rosemont Realty. The firm’s managing director is none other than Devon Archer, Heinz’s roommate at Yale University.

Unsurprisingly, these names are as common on Hunter Biden’s hard drive as obscene pictures, drugs and prostitutes. Wherever this trio went, corruption followed and foreign cash flowed.

In addition to using the political connections of family members to secure high-paying domestic and consulting contracts, Rosemont Seneca Partners joined the infamous Bohai-Huamei (BHR Partners) investment fund.

The $1.5 billion deal, born less than two weeks after Hunter Biden accompanied Biden on a visit to China, has now come under scrutiny, and Rosemont Real Estate was also acquired by a company with ties to the Chinese Communist military in 2015 for a stake in the company.

Even without the Chinese Communist Party, the billions of dollars flowing between Kerry’s stepson Heinz and Hunter Biden would give Heinz a lot of leverage, not to mention the U.S. investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes, foreign ties and money laundering.

And Heinz is willing to use this information as a weapon. Hunter Biden and Archer, chose to join the scandal-ridden Ukrainian gas company Burisma as a director, a matter that was revealed in 2015, and Heinz immediately distanced itself from the Rosemont brand. Just within hours of the news coming out, Heinz emailed his stepfather Kerry’s two top aides at the State Department saying, “I can’t say why they decided to do this, but our company has no investment in their company. “Heinz’s spokesman also told the Washington Post that “lack of judgment in this matter was the primary catalyst for Heinz to end its business relationship with Archer and Hunt.”

Kerry and his office, no doubt, knew all of this.

With Heinz and Kerry having dirt on the Biden’s and not caring to strike, it’s no wonder the Biden’s are afraid of them.