Brainwashing the next generation CCP uses post-00s stars to push red movies – What else is there besides Little Soldier Zhang Ga

As the Communist Party celebrates its centennial, young people have become the key target of the Communist Party’s “red education”. The Chinese Communist Party’s official throat “People’s Daily” launched a rare youth idol stars to write articles to promote the red movie “Little Soldier Zhang Ga” and so on. Some commentators said that the Chinese Communist Party can not get the anti-Japanese heroes on the screen, can only use “Little Soldier Zhang Ga” and so on to boast that they are the “mainstay” of the war.

On April 28, the People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, published an article written by Wang Yuan, an iconic star of the “post-00s” generation, to promote the Communist Party’s red movies to young people, which will be shown in various places from April. The article was about the 1963 red movie “Little Soldier Zhang Ga”.

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Wang Yuan was born in 2000, TFBOYS member born. He is the idol of Chinese teenagers and has over 82 million followers on Weibo. The People’s Daily launched an article on Wang Yuan promoting red movies, which quickly attracted attention on the Internet.

Wang Yuan mentioned “Little Soldier Zhang Ga”, a story about a 12-year-old boy in Hebei who became a young scout in the Eighth Route Army to avenge the murder of his grandmother during the war against Japan, and tried his best to get a real gun.

The 1963 Beijing Film Studio’s “classic” red movie “Little Soldier Zhang Ga” was a typical political propaganda brainwash, instilling the Chinese Communist Party’s so-called “mainstay of the anti-Japanese resistance” ideology into the entire Chinese population through art form.

Current affairs commentator Yokohama has said that it is an indisputable fact that compared to the battles fought by the national army in the war of resistance, the stories of the Chinese Communist Party’s war of resistance seen in Chinese Communist films and textbooks are really pathetic. From these stories, you can know why there are no heroes on the Chinese Communist side of the war? It is because it did not fight at all, no heroic stories.

Yokohama also said that in recent years, the mainland academic community has recognized the National Army as the main force in the frontal battlefield of the war. But the film and television industry has made a lot of anti-Japanese dramas, still highlighting the role of the Eighth Route Army, which is to put the Chinese Communist Party in the main position. Don’t underestimate this movie and TV, these TV and movies have a very big effect on the subtle influence of the people. After all, the vast majority of people do not study history, they are mainly influenced by these things from movies and television.

However, he believes that the war of resistance is after all such a big war for all people, the Chinese Communist Party wants to hide the truth completely, in today’s society is almost impossible.

According to public historical data, during the war, the national army fought 22 major battles and more than 1,000 major battles, with about 200 generals killed in action, while the Chinese Communist Party had only two more famous battles, with only one general killed in action, and not in frontal combat against Japan, but on the way to retreat.