Scientists Who Refuted Wuhan Virus Leak Were “Collaborators” and Honorees of the Chinese Communist Party

Several American researchers who helped the mainstream media (all left-wing mouthpieces) refute that the CCP virus originated at the Wuhan Virus Institute had previously participated in the activities of the institute or received awards from it, according to the April 28 disclosure by National Pulse.

These researchers’ ties to the CCP, which present a clear conflict of interest, are omitted from the reports of the mainstream media (all left-wing mouthpieces), which instead present these scientists as unbiased judges of the origins of the CCP virus.

In March 2020, NBC science contributor Dr. Joseph Fair, ignoring the CCP’s efforts to hide virus information and data and silence virus whistleblowers, called on the Trump administration to “stop blaming China for the virus outbreak” and equated the lab leak theory with a “conspiracy.

National Pulse revealed that Fehr gave a speech at the Wuhan Institute for Virus Research (WIV) in 2013. An abstract noted that “during his visit, he attended the Ge Hong Elite Forum and gave an excellent academic presentation, and looks forward to future collaboration with the Institute in related research areas.”

Fehr’s Twitter posts also see him referring to the Wuhan Virus Institute researchers as “collaborators,” “colleagues,” and “friends,” saying, “I have enjoyed working with them over the years.”

Dr. Ian Lipkin’s claim that “there is no evidence that the virus came out of the Wuhan Institute” has been amplified by media outlets such as CBS and USA Today. He also spoke at the Wuhan Virus Institute during a visit in 2015. Previously, National Pulse reported that Dr. Lipkin had received awards from the Chinese Communist Party and described himself as an “advisor” to the Chinese Communist Party.

Lipkin at the Wuhan Institute for Virus Research