Indian man drove 1300 km in 24 hours to deliver oxygen to his friend who was diagnosed

A man in India’s Jharkhand state drove 1,300 kilometers in 24 hours to deliver oxygen to a friend infected with the new crown after learning that he lacked oxygen to save his life, India Today reported on the 29th.

According to the report, the Indian man Devendra learned from the phone that a friend tested positive for the new crown virus, and the hospital where he was staying could provide him with oxygen for only 24 hours. Due to the shortage of medical oxygen in the hospital, his family could not buy oxygen for him, so Devendra decided to find oxygen for his friend. He got on his motorcycle and drove 150 kilometers to get in touch with a gas plant owner who, after understanding the situation, provided him with oxygen cylinders for free. Devendra then borrowed a car from an acquaintance and drove 1,300 kilometers to deliver the oxygen to the hospital where his friend was 24 hours later. As a result of timely access to oxygen, his friend’s health is now improving.

Previously, Devendra had a friend who was also infected with the new crown but passed away due to ineffective treatment. The sad memory and his friend’s desperate request for help prompted him to complete this 1,300-kilometer journey to seek oxygen to save his friend, the report said.