The mainland “poverty alleviation” again wears the help? Explosive live forcing girls to cry, pointing eye drops and hand pinching

The mainland live streaming team “Han Wen” was revealed to have used eye drops, choking children and other means to create artificial scenes of girls in tears. (Video screenshot)

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has been falsifying every aspect of poverty alleviation. Recently, the mainland live broadcast team “Han Wen” was revealed to have traveled to Liangshan, Sichuan to film poverty alleviation, and in the process of filming, they used eye drops and choking children to create artificial scenes of girls in tears in order to achieve the effect.

On April 27, the Chinese Communist Party’s CCTV reported that a video was circulating on the Chinese internet about a 7-year-old girl, Ajia, who had never seen her mother and whose father had died and could not afford to go to school.

Many people in sympathy also generously donated money to buy homegrown apples sold by poor villagers in the Liangshan region in the video.

However, at the end of 2020, a netizen sent a video to reveal that some fake videos shot with deception and violence were aimed at attracting attention and promoting bringing goods.

The video said that these fake videos were shot by a team called “Han Wen”, in order to achieve the effect, the use of eye drops, pinching children and other means to artificially create the girl’s tears scene. They also falsely claimed to help mute mothers and children sell their homegrown apples, but the actual sale was of apples from the market.

Afterwards, the local authorities said that the crying girl, not the video described in the mother ran away, the father died, no one to raise. The real situation is that after her parents divorced, Aja lived with her father, stepmother and grandmother. And Aja has been attending school at the ECE site for three years.

The report said that the “Korean team” tricked Aja into participating in the filming in order for her to tell a story that did not match her life. In other words, the video is completely artificially faked and staged.

As for helping the mute mother and son sell apples, the real story is that the “Han Wen team” only bought a few thousand pounds of apples from the family, but sold hundreds of thousands of pounds of apples through the live broadcast, making a profit of 290,000 yuan.

The report also said that the real name of the “Han Wen team” planner is Zhao Hongjin, born in 1992 in Shaanxi, who used to work in Shanghai. 2020, he hired a videographer to form a team and started to do short videos in Liangshan, and set up a special account on a video platform to disseminate them.

Zhao Hongjin appeared on CCTV claiming: If there are no tears, we use eye drops to her eyes, which can attract more social attention, the traffic will be higher.

This reminds people of CCTV’s TV confession screen. In this regard, some voices questioned whether it was because the “Han Wen team” filmed the current situation in the poor areas that was too frightening. CCTV is using this to whitewash the CCP’s fake poverty eradication.

The mainland live broadcast team “Han Wen” was revealed to have used eye drops, choking children and other means to create artificial scenes of girls in tears. (Screenshot of video)

Xi Jinping in 2015 proposed the “war on poverty”, to achieve poverty in rural areas by 2020, poverty all off the cap, to solve the overall regional poverty problem.

But at the end of 2019, the Communist Party of China (CPC) virus outbreak, the U.S.-China relationship also deteriorated sharply due to the concealment of the epidemic by the CPC, and China’s economy, finance, foreign trade and markets were all hit hard.

At the end of May of the same year, Li Keqiang revealed at a press conference that 600 million people in China have a monthly income of only 1,000 yuan; it is difficult to rent an apartment for 1,000 yuan, and now that the epidemic has hit, more people may return to poverty. Caixin also reported that more than 900 million people in China have a monthly income of less than 2,000 yuan.

But in November of the same year, the Chinese Communist Party announced that all 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties in the country had been “lifted out of poverty”.

The news sparked a huge backlash among the people. Many people called the announcement that the entire population had been lifted out of poverty a big lie and a joke of cosmic proportions.

Mr. Liang, who works as a relief volunteer in Daliang Mountain, said that since the government’s precise poverty alleviation in the area, many people have become poorer, and some people cannot eat a few meals of rice a year.

Mr. Zhang, a farmer in Jiangsu, said that the poor have no rice to eat, no clothes to wear, there are people who are poor because of illness, a disease, and then jumped off a building, reported rarely, but actually saw a lot.

Mr. Yue, a former official in Henan, said that the comprehensive removal of poverty and the running of well-off is the lie of the Communist Party for decades.

He said, like Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan inside the mountains, the people have no resources, it is difficult to eat, and say the northwest, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Qinghai, how many poor people ah? There are still many people living in kilns on the northwest plateau, and it is difficult to eat and drink water, so how can these people get out of poverty?

An official surnamed Li in the system revealed that the Chinese Communist authorities have four major ways to fight poverty: first, lowering the standard of poverty reduction, second, data falsification, third, surprise condolences, and fourth, brutal sealing of mouth.