The author of “cooked eggs back to life” charges 54,000 to teach “earth transport” and “fire transport”

Guo Ping, the principal of Chunlin Vocational School in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, published a report on an experiment to turn a cooked egg into a raw egg (egg regeneration) – hatching chicks – in the Jilin province-sponsored magazine “Real Geography”, which sparked a public outcry. The Chinese official media even asked the relevant authorities to “crack down on the phenomenon of absurd papers”. Despite Guo Ping’s apology, the media found that Chunlin Vocational School often offers practical classes and seminars for the elite, teaching “earth transport” and “fire transport” and “atomic energy fluctuation speed reading “The cost of these courses is 12,800 RMB.

At present, “Photo Geography” has been suspended from publication, the person in charge and those responsible have been interviewed and investigated, and Guo Ping himself has formally apologized, but he only evaded the issue by claiming that “the test was not rigorous enough”, which was again bombarded by Chinese netizens.

According to Chinese and Hong Kong media reports, Chunlin Vocational School was established in February 2015 with a registered capital of 100,000 RMB to train computer operators, baby-sitters, public nutritionists, corporate human resource managers, psychological counselors, marriage and family counselors, etc. Its legal representative is Guo Huaping. The information on its website of the same name shows that “Chunlin Education” has courses such as “Super Perception Holistic Brain”, “Atomic Energy Fluctuation Speed Reading”, “Fast Essay Writing”, and so on. The website of the same name shows that “Chunlin Education” offers courses such as “Super Sense Holistic Brain”, “Atomic Energy Flux Speed Reading”, and “Fast Essay Writing”, and shows contents such as “Meditation Power, Brain Rebuilding”.

According to the report, the official “WeChat” public number of “Chunlin Education” published a number of training course enrollment articles, all indicate Guo Ping contact information and WeChat QR code. The article claims that the training content of the “Intelligent Potential Instructor Elite” course includes the introduction to ESP potential development from higher perception to mastery, the core principles of mainstream brain technology and training methods, and the fast reading course with super memory effect.

The aforementioned course also includes “mind transfer” (earth transport, fire transport, water transport, wind transport, wood transport, rock transport), mind breaking, mung bean sprouting, leaf restoration, etc. The original price is 12,800 RMB per person for 4 days and 3 nights, and the “early bird discount” price is 9,800 RMB. The early bird discount price is 9,800 RMB.

The WeChat public number of Chunlin Education claims that Guo Ping is the principal of the school, as well as a “National Level 2 Psychological Counselor, National Level 2 Corporate Trainer, Deputy Secretary General of Zhengzhou University Provincial Alumni Association, and Researcher of Qian Xuesen Institute of Educational Thought”. The whole brain development of Chunlin Education starts from balancing the essence, qi and spirit of the five internal organs, developing the higher intelligence of the brain as the core, and achieving healthy personality development and efficient learning as the goal.

In addition, Chunlin Education has also displayed its “brain science laboratory and life education research” on its “Whole Brain Education University Hall” WeChat public number, such as research on supernormal capabilities, seed germination by intentional intervention, five elements of the method of evasion, egg regeneration and so on. Guo Ping allegedly opened classes for individual so-called “whole brain development” and “supernormal capabilities” training at a high price, and she once told the media, “I generally charge 100,000 for foreign students, and 60,000 for the cheaper ones in Henan. “

However, according to Henan TV, Ms. Han, a parent of a student, paid 16,800 RMB to enroll her child in a potential development class at Chunlin Vocational School, only to find out that her child’s “supernormal capabilities” of “blindfolded literacy The “special ability” of the child to “read blindfolded” was only “peeking” through the slit under the blindfold.

Zhengzhou City Consumers Association office staff 26 said the aforementioned training school courses suspected of fraudulent consumers, consumers encountered the above-mentioned situation, can be reported to the Consumer Association, public security and other departments complaints.