Oscars hit new ratings low, Trump sarcastic “politically correct and boring”

The 93rd Academy Awards ended successfully yesterday, but the downside is that the ratings hit an all-time low, which made former President Trump, who has always had a bad relationship with the U.S. show business, mock the ceremony, suggesting that the Academy should change the way it is conducted and the content.

Trump’s office issued a statement in response to the current Academy Awards, writing that “the Oscars have hit their lowest ratings ever, even lower than last year, and the situation will only get worse if they continue to conduct the ceremony in the current ridiculous manner.”

Trump believes that the Oscars should change their name back to “Academy Awards” and “stop being so politically correct and boring and get it right. Also, bring back the hosts, these artists spend time thinking about how to tout the Democratic Party, is destroying our country, but also blocked the conservative, Republicans, this model is really poorly run.”

Trump also publicly criticized the Oscars last year, saying, “I can’t believe the South Korean film ‘Parasite Up’ won best picture, what the hell is going on?” I thought he was only going to get Best Foreign Language Film at first.”

According to the AGB Nielsen ratings survey, this year’s Oscars fell below the 10 million mark, attracting only 9.85 million viewers, a sharp drop of 58% from last year.