After spending 100,000 yuan for the idol “playing pitch”, I sobered up

Recently, a netizen posted a request for help, claiming that he had spent his family’s money on seeds for his idol’s “playing pitch”. This incident once again brought public attention to the social phenomenon of “rice circle fundraising.

In the past few years, with the increase in the number of variety shows, fans are spending money to raise money to send idols to debut, for idols to brush up the popularity of the behavior gradually become a common behavior of young people. There is nothing wrong with supporting your favorite idol, but the act of fundraising involves financial property transactions, which are currently lacking in regulation and are in a gray area, so from time to time there are cases of fundraisers “running away with the money. This is a gray area, so there are often incidents of fundraisers “running away” with their money. At the same time, many minors lack self-control in this process, and even resort to borrowing to overdraft the future. All these make the rice circle fund raising a target of the moment.

In response to this phenomenon, we found a young person who had raised more than 100,000 dollars for her idol, and she told us how she entered the circle and how she returned to her normal state of mind. Here is her oral account.

“rice circle “Rules

The idol fundraising thing, as far as I know, should first come from a very famous Japanese girl idol group AKB48 side. This group has a very large number of members, their company wants to know their true popularity, according to the popularity of each member to allocate the appropriate resources, so they engaged in a general election. This general election is very similar to the current talent show, which is for fans to spend money to buy their favorite idol’s CD, each CD will have a voting ticket, enter the voting code on the ticket on the website, you can vote. Later this set of play was copied by a similar domestic female idol group SNH48, gradually forming this domestic rice circle culture.

The idol support group is now the most central part of the rice circle, is the entire “rice circle The “top of the pyramid”, generally is not particularly paste artists have an official support group. They may have direct contact with the star and have access to first-hand information about the star; or they may have capital and be familiar with the rules of the game; or they may be very capable in a certain area and be able to do the work of artwork and copywriting. They are also the most trusted presence in the rice circle, and where the backers go, the people below them will go. Whether or not a star has a good support group is often the standard used to measure the maturity of TA’s rice circle.

The rice circle fundraising is to give money to the backing group through an app or link. If in normal times, they will take it to do microblogging data, such as to maintain some turn praise comments. However, during the selection period, that is, during the competition, they will spend most of the money on playing the vote, which is usually to buy accounts of video sites, and then use these accounts to brush the list of votes. But later on, they will not only buy the accounts of video sites, they will also buy “water votes ” or “milk votes “(As long as you buy water or buy milk, you can have the right to vote. (The more you buy, the more you vote). So now the support group is divided into a “milk vote group ” and “fight vote group “but do not conflict, you can enter both.

When it comes to specific fundraising and hitting the vote tools, the model is actually very mature now, and some apps will specifically provide these channels. There are many crowdfunding links on these apps, and it is essentially a money transfer link. However, after the money is received, the information will become very opaque, the final direction of the money we can not know, can only rely on after the microblogging to see some data ranking has not fallen, to presume that the backers have not done anything. Although there is also the so-called “supervision will The so-called “supervisory board” is a mechanism that appears to be mutually supportive, but in reality the supervisory board is still affiliated with the backers. Once the backing association makes false accounts, the fans will also be unaware and helpless.

I started chasing talent shows in 2018, when I was in my senior year of high school, but I had already started going online to vote for my favorite contestants. Offline, I would also go to buy vitamin water and buy a bottle of drink to vote for the contestants.

But at that time I did not participate in the fund-raising, all by themselves to “buy water The actual “water” is a very good idea. Of course, ordinary casual fans also had the option to give their money to the hit voting group. I did not enter the voting group at that time, on the one hand, because the official voting group has a high threshold and is very difficult to enter, you need to prove that you are a “iron fan I was busy with my college entrance exams, and I didn’t vote much, but I usually bought my own ” Water tickets” to vote.

Crowdfunding play from the beginning of 2019, I myself officially involved in the rice circle to play cast and crowdfunding. Of course, I personally think that the current domestic large-scale fight and capital raising from a talent show in 2019, and then to 2020 to flourish. For example, “milk vote The “milk vote” is a bit like the “water vote” at that time The “Milk Ticket” is a bit like the “Water Ticket”, except that the sponsor of the show has changed to a milk company. For example, if you buy a carton of milk, you can get 10-30 tickets. Therefore, at that time, there were also a small number of scalpers specializing in selling “milk tickets “The price is not high at first, but will slowly rise as the game progresses. This is the same as this year – at the beginning of this year “milk tickets “10 yuan a piece, now up to 20 yuan a piece. When the ticket price goes up too much, the backers will just go buy milk in bulk and take the “milk tickets The “milk tickets” were taken out, and then the boxes of milk were sold at a discount on idle fish.

When I was chasing the talent show, I joined a contestant’s support group’s hit voting group. There are more than 3,000 people in the hit voting group, all of whom are dedicated to receiving the number to vote. I can basically vote 500 numbers a day – in fact, everyone voted differently, you have time to vote a little more, no time to vote less. But this part of yourself do not have to spend money, spend money mainly in the part of the fund-raising.

At that time we had to raise funds three times a game, once two or three hundred thousand. Generally speaking, “milk votes The quality of the “milk votes” will be much higher than the quality of the members who play the voting number. The actual fact is that if you use a video site account to vote, switching accounts to vote may be identified by the system as a malicious swipe, and will clear the vote unless you switch IPs. but “milk votes The “milk vote” vote will not be cleared.

Of course, “milk votes The “milk votes” will also be more expensive. Take last year, last year, a fight cast number is about 50 cents, but a “milk vote The minimum is also more than ten dollars. But a “milk vote “can vote ten votes, equivalent to one vote down a dollar more. By last year, there was even more crowdfunding, especially with more games like battle. Last year I spent nearly 50,000 dollars on battle. This form will stimulate people’s desire to spend money, after all, no one wants their idol to lose. The so-called “battle The so-called “battle” is a competition with another idol support group that is also raising money. The general operation is that the backing group will make a link to the battle app and put it on Weibo, then announce on Weibo that there is a battle, with the time, who to fight, how much the target amount is and what the theme is this time. And there will be different penalties, such as the losing one having to give the winning one a top video on Weibo or sending support baskets for the other one at the public performance.

In a battle, in order to win, one has to encourage people to play money into it, and generally in this process, the backers will set aside a certain amount of money to not let the goal be reached at once. Because the best state of fund raising is the more fierce type of fight, it is best to make everyone’s mood rise and fall. If the goal is reached at once, it will make people lose interest, so they may set aside some money.

For example, let’s say we want to raise a thousand this time, in fact, a thousand has been reached, but the backers may leave two hundred and tell everyone that they are still two hundred short. Fans look at it, this is two hundred short, so why do not I make up the two hundred? In this case, maybe one third of the fans will pay. In addition, there are also “flagging” fundraising The “flag”. The most common one is “how much money you play, how much money I follow “, according to the proportion. For example, in a battle, in order to appeal to everyone to collect enough money before what time, some big fans or rich women will come out to plant the flag, for example, they stipulate 30:1, that is to say, you play 5 yuan, send the screenshot, I will follow to play 150 yuan. There is also 1:1, for example, you play enough 10,000, they will follow 10,000. There are also the “comment flags The “comment flag”, for example, a comment a dollar, set a limit, how many comments will play into the number. These incentives for people to play money, in fact, before there, but now slowly become more and more rich. Previously, generally only to a certain amount, only to let the big powder or rich woman to insert the flag, slowly behind the small fans can also insert their own small flag. People actually know these in order to make themselves more money, but in that atmosphere, or willingly. You spend as much money as I do, most of it is spent in the flag. Like the 100,000 yuan I spent, 50,000 of them were used by the backers as a “flag” to attract people to play money The “flag”.

Sobriety after debut

The remaining 50,000 or so last year was used to buy business. Because then there will be other lists, for example, there will be sponsors to sell things, or they will go into some live broadcast to sell things, and the live broadcast will give away some peripherals of the show. If a live stream sells well, it can also make the player’s data look good, and that’s when you need to buy this kind of business. I first spent 30,000 yuan last year and used it to buy merchandise in the pick’s live stream. I chased that pick last year and there is a very special link, that is, TA final debut night there is a live gift brushing link, TA debut ranking of 35% or 30% depends on the value of the gift fans brush. That night I also brushed a lot of gifts, and unknowingly smashed in about 20,000 yuan. But when we finally saw that TA had really debuted, we all breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that all the hard work and all the money had not been wasted.

Now it may seem like all that money was spent voluntarily, but in that environment, it’s actually not free because you’re incited by a lot of talk. For example, most of the messages in the circle will say that if we don’t vote, what will happen to our idols, so it will be spontaneous to want to vote. And they will come out with the kind of “little essay” that abuses the fans “, each one is not quite the same. They will say something very abusive to you according to the current situation, so that you feel heartbroken, and then you will unconsciously go to play vote and play money.

At that time I would also post some small essays because I really quite liked the idol I was following last year. I knew about TA since before the show started, watched the show for TA, and went with TA all the way, so I willingly played money or voted for TA.

But the idol I followed last year, two months after the debut, I “ran I “ran”. I think I spent so much time and energy to a completely unworthy, just know to cut fan leeks people. ta then after the debut often let people buy business, e-zine, support will still be all day out of the abuse of powder small essay, constantly lure fans to spend money, I feel quite meaningless. I also knew some other dark information about TA himself – because if you spend more money, it’s easy to get in touch with the big fans and the backers, there will be internal information exchange and know some things that other small fans don’t know – I just “run “.

So in retrospect, the act of crowdfunding and hitting the pitch was more like an irrational orgy of crowdfunding, artist and show parties. Once you get into this kind of orgy, you don’t think much about things like weighing the pros and cons anymore, and there’s a force pushing you to use this kind of like “signing a contract The act of “signing a contract” to get a sense of satisfaction, to enjoy the feeling of being part of a collective, to enjoy seeing your name on the capital-raising list.

This enthusiasm will continue until the end of the program, at which point it comes to a period of emotional calm, and you look back at the whole process of watching the program and crowdfunding and realize how irrational it was.

So this period is often also the beginning of the loss of a large number of fans. This is why many people tease many idols, saying that they just “debut is the peak The reason is that only the debut period has the kind of environment and atmosphere that motivates people to consume and play pitch. Once the show is over, the atmosphere is gone and the fans become sober, many people leave one after another.

And I fully understand now that everything you see on talent shows nowadays is what the show wants you to see, it’s all set up. Nowadays I can usually tell from the first episode which people are more average practitioners and which ones have complete capital behind them, the more obvious it becomes. The more you look at it this way, the more you feel it’s pretty pointless and you’re not as fanatical as you were at first.