There is a big project

Tell a true story

The story happened almost five years ago, a big brother looking for me for dinner to discuss business, this half-acquaintance is not good to refuse. After the meeting, the big brother praised me, the industry’s leading young talent super invincible capital market small hand and so on, said some good words. Said I am likely to be his life’s nobleman, and then began to chat.

He said there is a big project in the southeast coast, it is said to be a sea resort town kind of tourism real estate. Planning investment is about 50 billion, can be rolling development for many years, after the project revenue is also measured tens of billions. Speaking of this, the brother’s eyes like a torch voice, said he and the local government is a friend of the Secretary General of the municipal party committee, has agreed to let him do this project. The first phase of investment of about 10 billion, 70% of bank loans, own funds of about 3 billion on OK.

I silently listened to the numbers, a little bit of foreboding inside, but already sat down and can not go, then listen to it, while eating food at ease. I asked, “Do you want to finance this 3 billion yuan, or find a partner to jointly develop?

He said excitedly, such a good opportunity will certainly not be divided with others, I myself intend to invest this 3 billion yuan. But objectively speaking, this money is really difficult for me, so I need to do some short and fast cash business through the capital market. I heard a tiger shake, this is obviously to my area of expertise, but this 3 billion to cash from the capital market, how easy ah.

I asked, “Do you have better assets that you would like to introduce to a public company to acquire, and then cash out funds to do this big business?

“I calculate that it is impossible to get huge amount of money without the help of capital market. I want to sell the entire game company to a listed company, I see the market has a similar operation, a few hundred million profit sold billions, not to mention the shares, cash out nearly 1.5 billion cash, I look at all follow the excitement …… “Brother said with his hands, like the rural children who ate to Pizza Hut.

The original you are doing the game ah, now want to switch to do real estate, these areas are violent industry. The words game, capital market and real estate are all synonymous with great wealth, ah. How is your game company currently operating, what is the explosive models, product development strength must be strong …… I continue to cooperate with the next chatter.

You listen to me, I do not have a game company now, but I hope to be able to quickly incubate a game company with limited investment. This thing is first necessary fast, and secondly, it can only succeed and not fail. I have already found very awesome team with strong operational ability in the past. The front-end investment is not big, but the promotion of the real product after it comes out is the key. So, I need about 30 million dollars to do team building and product development.

I listened to this deflated ah, this story is too long, from 50 billion of luxury real estate projects, talk to the game company’s start-up capital of 30 million, this brother is telling paragraphs it. Look also does not look like ah, full of serious, spittle splash, almost pulling my hand to worship. I said, these links theoretically can be achieved, but really to operate is impossible, the probability is too low time rhythm also does not match.

Big brother nodded thoughtfully, but said he still hoped to try. This dinner with me, is the hope that I can help him finance 30 million, I was almost did not spray, the original 30 million also did not ah. I cursed in my heart: “You do not even have 30 million dare to invite me to dinner, who gave you so much courage ……”

He wanted to talk to me about using the operating income of a large shopping mall in the suburbs of Beijing as the underlying asset to operate an ABS product to raise $30 million. I was laughing out loud when I said, “Brother, this ABS is not easy to issue or sell, I suggest you sell or mortgage the mall directly. Brother pondered for a moment, shook his head and said no.

I asked why? He replied that the mall was his buddy’s and he could only borrow it but not sell it. I was feeling good pain in the chest, gave him the most pragmatic advice: “You first buy the single it, a while the hotel to close ……”