The mysterious “cafeteria” of Qinghai’s former deputy procurator-general exposed the power, money and sex dealings

On April 27, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released a video of the investigation, revealing the inside story of Jia Xiaogang’s case. (Video screenshot)

The Communist Party of China’s fallen corrupt officials all indulge in alcohol and sex, and the Commission for Discipline Inspection recently reported that Jia Xiaogang, a former deputy prosecutor in Qinghai, was addicted to alcohol and had a mysterious “canteen” that specialized in trading power, money and sex.

On April 27, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released an investigation video, revealing the inside story of Jia Xiaogang’s case. The 53-year-old Jia Xiaogang is a native of Anyang, Henan province. When he took up his post in Qinghai, he brought a “life team” consisting of relatives from his hometown in Henan province, with a private “butler” to wait on him, paid for by Jia Xiaogang’s businessman friends.

According to the private “butler” Chang Yongbo told, he is not only responsible for Jia Xiaogang driving, cooking, washing clothes, arranging wine, but also every day to Jia Xiaogang’s shoes to shine spotless, a careless, will be Jia hand pounding, kicking.

Investigation video disclosed that Jia Xiaogang is addicted to alcohol as life, almost every day in drinking, and especially love to drink sauce-type Maotai wine. From Jia Xiaogang’s two residences in Beijing and two places in Xining, Qinghai Province, more than 880 bottles of Maotai wine, a total of more than 140 cases, including vintage wine, Chinese zodiac wine, collector’s wine, etc..

He also has a mysterious “canteen”, specializing in power, money and sex transactions.

The video reveals that Jia Xiaogang does not live in the unit’s swing space, but in the upscale district of Haihu New District in Xining City, Qinghai Province. A businessman funded two sets of rooms for him to rent, one “Building 2” is residential, and the other “Building 10” is used as his “canteen”.

The “canteen” was used by Jia Xiaogang to entertain certain businessmen and friends who came to him for business from abroad, and he had sexual relations with some businesswomen in the “canteen”.

According to public information, Jia Xiaogang has long served in the Communist Party’s Supreme Procuratorate as a section-level official, deputy division-level official, and director of the procuratorial division in the Civil Administration Procuratorate of the Communist Party’s Supreme Procuratorate.

From March 2019, Jia Xiaogang served as deputy procurator general (at the department level) of the Qinghai Provincial Procuratorate. on July 22, 2020, Jia Xiaogang was investigated for alleged corruption. in January 2021, he was indicted and appeared for trial at the Xining Intermediate Court on April 15, and no verdict has been handed down.