Tesla rights woman falsely claiming to be pregnant revealed, husband says he has Beijing team to assist

Customers look at a Tesla car on display at a shopping center in Beijing, April 14, 2021.

The “rights” case of Tesla’s female owner Zhang Mou in Henan, China, is still in a stalemate. Recently, Tesla refused to communicate with Zhang in person, and subsequently issued a “Communication Progress and Incident Statement”, which retraces the entire development of the incident according to the timeline, revealing that the woman had falsely claimed to be pregnant, and that her husband had revealed that a “team from Beijing” had helped them. “The story is a very sensitive one.

On the morning of April 28, Tesla’s branch in China publicly released the “Progress of Communication and Explanation of the Incident of Ms. Zhang, who “defended her rights” at the Shanghai Auto Show,” stating that the company had contacted Ms. Zhang and expressed “willingness and sincerity to further communicate,” but The company will continue to proactively contact Ms. Zhang in the hope that she will agree to communicate with her in person to facilitate the resolution of the matter. At the same time, Tesla also said that the company is “actively communicating with authorities at all levels” and applying for mediation to be initiated, with the aim of having a third-party authority conduct testing as soon as possible.

The statement goes on to review the development process of Zhang’s “rights defense” case. The statement first briefly introduced Zhang’s father in February 21 this year, the rear-end accident, pointed out that the night of the incident, the traffic police ruled that Zhang’s father should be fully responsible for the accident; vehicle data shows that the vehicle’s speed at the time of the accident was 118.5km/h, after Zhang’s father pressed the brake pedal, the vehicle’s forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking function started, and successfully reduced the speed of the vehicle to 48.5km/h before the accident. To 48.5km/h, no abnormalities were seen in the vehicle’s braking system. Tesla expressed its willingness to actively assist Zhang to complete the vehicle repair and insurance claims, but was refused.

On February 25, Zhang put a seal on the vehicle and prohibited anyone from touching it. She said she did not trust the background data provided by Tesla, and firmly refused to conduct any kind of testing on her vehicle. While demanding the return of the vehicle, she also asked Tesla to compensate for moral damages, medical expenses, lost wages and so on.

According to the statement, after Tesla refused Zhang’s request, Zhang went to Tesla stores several times to carry out negative propaganda against the company, for example, putting banners with “brake failure” on the car and attracting attention by pulling banners and using loudspeakers to spread negative comments about Tesla. Tesla staff offered to pay for third-party testing several times, but Zhang still refused any form of vehicle testing. Zhang’s husband, Mr. Li, also said that only the test results for “brake failure” will be accepted, otherwise absolutely do not recognize the test results.

On the morning of March 9, the local authorities invited Tesla and Zhang to mediation, Tesla again expressed willingness to advance the cost of third-party testing for identification, in order to facilitate the resolution of the problem. Under the persuasion of the staff of the relevant departments, Zhang agreed to choose a third-party testing agency first, and then negotiate testing matters, and signed a mediation letter. Unexpectedly that afternoon, Zhang suddenly backtracked, once again said he would not accept, will not recognize any third-party test results, and will not accept any mediation.

On March 13, when Zhang went to Tesla’s Zhengzhou Futa store again and used the loudspeaker to play negative remarks about Tesla, her husband told the clerk who tried to negotiate with them that he had the assistance of a “team from Beijing” and was being helped in “cooperation” with others. He could only listen to what he was told, and when the “team” returned to Beijing, he could find another time to meet with Tesla staff to talk about it.

On March 21, Zhang again put a seal on the accident vehicle and refused to allow others to contact it. Since then, she has repeatedly played negative propaganda content against Tesla on loudspeakers in places such as Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center or Zhengzhou Huafeng Logistics Automobile Industrial Park, and even hired models to stand next to the accident car while displaying display boards with negative statements about Tesla to attract the attention of passersby.

On April 19, Zhang claimed to be three months pregnant while “defending her rights” at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show, but police later confirmed that she was not pregnant. After the incident, Tesla’s special working group staff had contacted Zhang’s husband Mr. Li several times by phone and text message, but no answer and no reply.

The statement also mentioned that some netizens provided information that Feng Moumou, Han Mou and other people were the main organizers and planners of the “rights defense” event at the Shanghai Auto Show. In response, Tesla stated, “We reserve the right to defend our legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.