Guangxi kindergarten 18 children and teachers were hacked, netizens broke the inside story, angrily criticizing the authorities for concealing

Parents holding their children rushed out of the kindergarten (Photo source: video screenshot)

A man with a knife broke into Jianle Kindergarten in Xinfeng Town, Beiliu City, stabbing young children and teachers at around 2 p.m. on April 28. Officials said the case caused 18 people to be injured, including 16 young children, two teachers, two young children are in serious condition. However, local netizens disclosed that several children died on the spot, but the news covered up the truth, and the entry that quickly made it to Weibo’s hot search was also pulled by authorities. The netizens angrily sprayed: “Such a big news, withdraw what hot search, the real situation must be broadcast in real time, local residents have seen several deaths at the scene, but the news does not mention a word. Take the people of the country as fools.”

According to official media reports, at 14:00 on April 28, an injury occurred in the private Jianle kindergarten in Xinfeng Town, Beiliu City, preliminary understanding of 16 young children, two teachers were injured, two of them were seriously injured. Public security authorities have arrested the suspect.

But local informed netizens disclosed: a man due to his wife to divorce, in a fit of anger rushed into the kindergarten first killed his own children, and then killed several innocent children and teachers, resulting in the death of several children.

The video released by the netizen shows (please be careful) that after the tragedy, the kindergarten was filled with injured children: some standing with blood all over their heads; some sitting on the ground with blood all over their heads; and several children lying motionless on the ground. Many parents rushed into the kindergarten and searched for their children like crazy; there were also parents who found their children and rushed out of the kindergarten with their children in their arms.

Comments from mainland netizens.

“Such a big news, withdraw what hot search, the real situation must be broadcast in real time, the local residents on the scene have seen the death of several got, the news is not mentioned only words. Take the people of the country as a fool, no one to see the fun, just to understand the facts, must be severely punished, death by torture is not too much, kindergarten security is not in place, should be accountable!

“The people are so concerned about the major events, it is surprising to withdraw the hot search? What is the reason for Sina? The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

“The first time I saw this, I was able to see the old man who was run over three times. The last time that was run over three times the elderly have the following 。。。。。 “

“The two news even to my push, one is to go to the doctor misanthropy randomly killed passers-by mother and child, one is this with the kindergarten teacher divorce attack kindergarten, are personal resentment to the weaker vent, since are misanthropic why do not dare eggs to touch a stone, that is not all happy?”

“I often feel that I am living in a large psychiatric hospital: here is the world’s best, even Q can not defy the self-confidence, but while cruelly wielding the knife to the weaker. The weak slaughter the weak, and the strong say with justice ‘I don’t want to know anything about him, I don’t care what his reasons are, just let him die’. Sometimes it dawns on me what kind of times I was born in, and I feel, desperate.”

“This hot search can be pulled down? The default is only the star’s lace news can be on the hot search? Previously said: Xinchu year, many people suffer from knife elephant, much blood light year, large collective victimization or extermination! Pay attention to safety, especially watch out for special groups!”

“Guangxi Beiliu a kindergarten injury incident, many people lined up in front of the street mobile blood donor car enthusiastically donate blood. May the peace.”

“A group of onlookers miscellaneous are taking video, not many people help children to stop bleeding, are animals ah.”

“See the bloody pictures and videos, looking at the small children sitting in a pool of blood, heartache to no end, as a parent heart fear war trembling, hope the country on kindergarten safety please strengthen again, each child to a family means all!”

“Hot search withdrawn really smooth ah …… see a comment that the number of casualties, the official did not inform, we also do not believe in rumors not rumors.”

“Convinced of the brain circuit of these trash goons! What’s wrong with moving to the kindergarten? Dare to rush the police station ah!”