1 billion dollar deal! Google Cloud Wins Largest Cloud Computing Contract Ever

April 27 – Google and Spanish-language content and media company Univision reportedly struck a deal today for a partnership designed to leverage Google’s cloud computing capabilities to drive growth in Univision’s portfolio of media and content assets.

Reports indicate that the deal is valued at more than $1 billion and is one of the largest cloud contracts won by Google.

Google Cloud currently has a number of customers around the world, and in February this year it was announced that Twitter would expand the partnership it has maintained for years with Google Cloud, aiming to boost its data analytics capabilities.

The partnership between Twitter and Google began in 2018, when Twitter moved its Hadoop cluster to the Google Cloud platform as part of the company’s Partly Cloudy strategy at the time. With the expanded partnership, Twitter will move its own offline analytics, data processing and machine learning workloads to Google’s Data Cloud platform.

Not long ago, Israel’s Finance Ministry announced Amazon webservices and Google Cloud as winners of the Nimbus IV project, which will provide cloud services for the government public sector and military. It is reported that Amazon and Google beat out competitors Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to win the contract. The two companies will establish local cloud sites in the region, with an initial investment of $1.2 billion, which will securely hold data within Israel.