Forsyth News: Former Secretary of State Kerry Exposes U.S. Intelligence to Enemy Nations, New Times Hides from Publication

Iran’s Foreign Minister Chariff’s criticism of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps to pro-government journalist Saeed Leylaz’s audio file that was accidentally leaked last month on the 25th has led to an unrelated case in the U.S. on the 26th: Forsyth News, which has good relations with the Republican Party, pointed out that the New York Times, which supports the Democratic Party, had concealed the story, knowing that the current Democratic presidential climate envoy, Kerry, had told Chariff about the U.S.-allied Israeli plan to attack Iran, but did not report it. The New York Times, which supports the Democrats, has concealed this story, knowing that the current Democratic climate envoy, Kerry, had revealed the U.S. allies’ plans for an Israeli attack on Iran to Chariff.

According to a report by Farnaz Fassihi, an Iranian-born correspondent for the New York Times, the story originally mentioned that Kerry had explicitly told Chariff that at least 200 of Israel’s attacks on Syria were aimed at Iran. This paragraph did not appear in the New Times version. Foss also questioned how many secrets Kerry, who served as secretary of state during the Democratic Obama administration from 2013 to 2017, has revealed to Iranian officials as he continued to meet with Chaarev as a private citizen in an unofficial role since leaving office.

The first U.S. presidential climate envoy, Kerry’s position is located in the National Security Council and is not subject to the federal Senate confirmation process, FOSS News reported on the 26th, so the Senate has paid particular attention. He claimed to have worked with Chariff behind the scenes to save the day when the Republican Trump administration unilaterally announced its withdrawal in 2018, and the current Biden administration is seeking to return to the agreement.

After Iran ended its Islamic Revolution in 1979 and established the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), it became the Middle East’s leading anti-American and befriended Syria, co-hostile to pro-U.S. Israel, while the U.S. listed the IRGC as a terrorist organization at the same time as Israel in April 2019. Ed Morrissey, a conservative American columnist, noted that if the Forsyth report is true, Kerry fears that he is “exposing U.S. intelligence to an enemy country in order to attack an ally. Kerry denies the “false” allegations, but Republican members of Congress and the pro-Israeli group Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) have rallied for his ouster and for a congressional investigation into “treason. The ZOA has called on him to step down and be investigated by Congress for “treason” and other suspicions.