The submarine ship broke 3 sections sank to the bottom of the Indonesian Navy: may be hit by strong internal waves

The Indonesian submarine ship “Nanggala” (KRI Nanggala 402) was lost in the waters off Bali Island on the 21st, and was confirmed to have sunk on the 25th, killing all 53 officers and men on board. The Indonesian Navy said today (27) that the submarine may have been hit by an “internal solitary wave” (internal solitary wave), causing the submarine to sink rapidly to 850 meters below the sea floor.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, the Indonesian Navy Staff College Commander Iwan (Iwan Isnurwanto) said, according to the Japanese weather satellite “Sunflower 8” and the European satellite images, last Wednesday’s accident, the South Gala lost place appear strong internal wave (internal wave) movement The internal wave is a wave of varying density in the ocean.

The internal wave is a large-scale fluctuation phenomenon that occurs at the interface between layers of seawater of different densities in the ocean. Indonesian navy officials said the difference in seawater density between the waters around Bali and the neighboring Lombok Strait may have triggered strong internal wave motion, enough to pull the submarine down in a matter of seconds.

Citing a satellite image report, Ivan noted, “We’re talking about being hit by 2 to 4 million cubic meters of water, can anyone beat that? The submersible Nanjara dropped 13 meters and may have been trapped by an internal wave.” “If the submarine was hit by such a wave, it could have tilted (downward) and caused all the crew to roll off (to the bottom of the ship),” he said, adding, “We have to do further investigation, but this is likely to happen.”

The Navy has said the submarine could have suffered an electrical failure resulting in a loss of control and an inability to perform emergency procedures, a possibility the military has not ruled out. However, the military has denied speculation of other possible causes, including poor maintenance of the aging submarine ship and human error.

With the help of Singapore’s submarine rescue ship, the Indonesian Navy found the Nanjara broken into three pieces on Sunday at a depth of 838 meters below the sea surface. The military has said that the submarine may have been lost at 600 to 700 meters underwater, while the maximum diving depth of the South Gala is 500 meters.