New middle class parent circle risk hedging: monopolize the in-laws first

Recently, I read a post with a unique sense of joy, about the “science of early love”.

It says that in a very famous middle school in Haidian, a teacher complained: early love between the two children, parents look very good to each other, the two families simply like in-laws dating, but also with the teacher said “you do not interfere “, at most take some rewards and punishments, such as test ranking down on the seating arrangement of the two of them to the ends of the classroom ……

In fact, the parents’ mentality is quite understandable ah! Think about it, now the marriage market is actually very depressed, and it’s really hard to find an object after going into society. If two people can know each other from childhood, isn’t this a very good thing?

For forward-thinking parents, there are many points to be happy about.

First, the child is actually willing to fall in love.

Second, the object of love is the opposite sex.

Third, the vision is not bad.

Fourth, in the academic pressure of the lot and time can still fall in love, indicating that there is more than enough energy to learn, or at least not depressed.

But we should note that there are several prerequisite keywords that are important: “Haidian,” “very famous high school”.

We all know that Chinese education looks at Haidian, and Haidian cattle schools are connected.

What does it mean when two kids from a Haidian bull school fall in love? This is not the top of the despise chain in the world of early love – win-win hedge.

If I were the parents of this child, I would not stop. Why? The reason is simple.

1, the children are better.

2, parental education philosophy is similar.

3, the cost of family investment in children is basically similar.

This is the most up-to-date door-to-door match.

What else does it mean when you think about it more deeply?

1, all are Beijingers, no geographical differences.

2, are similar families, in-laws without large high and low differences.

3, the family conditions are comparable, the strength of the naked eye can be distinguished, there is no fishy.

A mature in-laws, excellent in-laws, far-sighted in-laws, look not at the moment, look at the next ten years, or even the next generation.

Two schoolmasters can love each other, at least the future grandchildren do not need me to bring.

The god of learning combination more arrogant, future grandchildren learning without me to teach.

According to the teacher, “the parents of the two families have been mutually recognized, every New Year’s Day like relatives to go around, the pressure money will be an extra seal. “

What is this called, angel investment, A round.

Now it is good for this daughter-in-law / son-in-law, from time to time a little investment, seems to be a kind of pay, but actually gain a lot. These are smart in-laws!

When both children go to a good high school, start the B round of investment.

When both children go to high school, we start the B round of investment, and when they go to college, we start the C round of investment.

The children grew up with their own eyes, and the children grew up and got back from nowhere, can be the same? This wave of investment, no loss.

Some people are going to question: in case the children break up later, it is not a loss?

Then your pattern is not enough. You think about it, this wave of investment, so that the children from now on to experience what is called “family love”, experience The “common hand in hand progress of the hardship”, experience the feeling of the two families to share the difficulties.

In the future, they become the best, in case not, break up, they will not next time to find someone to fall in vision, find a less than the current, right?

That means they will find a better educational background, better family upbringing, education and ability are better objects.

In this way, the risk of the next marriage is reduced.

The key point is that the “prospective in-laws” can predict the growth goals of their future daughter-in-law/son-in-law, and can be more or less involved in the growth process of their children’s future spouse. They can be more or less involved in the development of their children’s future spouses, and can be trained in the direction they prefer without making a sound.

For example, I often advise my prospective in-laws, “Let your daughter learn how to dance! A girl who can dance is so cute! “

In addition, I also advise them to send their daughters to learn painting, music, recitation, and writing …… because I feel that my son, a big straight boy, will be a stinky and hard rock in these fields.

Had to find a girl with literary skills to hedge his bets.

In retrospect, it seems that my prospective in-laws had this type of mind, for example, once they heard that my son had taken up baseball and they were all so pleasant that they even went out of their way to pay my son’s tuition in order to get me to stick with it.

Love is pure, especially early love. People fall in love shopping and watching movies to buy clothes and bags, early love in-laws can take their children to study sports to buy “three years of high school exams and five years of simulation”, their happiness.

The actual fact is that a far-sighted parent not only invests in their own children, but also invests in their future in-laws’ children, which is great wisdom when you think about it today.

The risk is uncontrollable when you look for someone after you go to society. Only when the children are still in school, the circle is relatively small and stable, it is easy to see whether the respective families are evenly matched.

Marriage is an economic union, a strategic reorganization of two businesses, and every marriage is essentially an investment.

Let me give you a closer analysis of the “marriage investment science” technique.

Marriage is a risky investment for the one who is in a relatively good position. For the party with slightly lower conditions, it is a risky hedge.

When the two conditions are not very good people together, it is called joint business, thinning costs, mixed food.

When two people in good condition together, it is called asset acquisition and restructuring, conducive to bigger and stronger, of course, may also be in the collapse of the profit and loss.

Things like early love between students at a famous Haidian school are the equivalent of two high net worth people bundling.

Once married, that’s the equivalent of going public, and earnings reports are meant to be made public. And most currently listed companies have to do two copies of their earnings, they keep a copy, warm and cold; a circle of friends, a daily big red flowers.

After the birth of a child, is to open a subsidiary.

If the subsidiary company operates well, it can still add to the financial report. However, there are many parent companies are quite good, but the subsidiary company is always losing money.

If you put too much cost into the subsidiary and can’t make it back, then you have to be careful and stop the loss in time, but find a way to find an investor and spread the cost.

I have such parents around me, a look at the child is not learning material, immediately turned to go outside the system, a variety of high profile activities to participate in up, through the child met the parents of classmates, meet a host of non-wealthy or noble.

This child as long as to improve the emotional intelligence, from the circle of classmates to find an object, the return on investment is very considerable.

Of course, we do not support such a way to cut the leeks of investors ah. We still advocate self-investment.

A friend of mine, had to send her child to a famous children’s choir, she had two main reasons.

1, to make up for her regret of not participating in the choir when she was a child.

2, to meet the children in the choir.

I asked her why she wanted to get to know the children in the choir so much.

She said: it is difficult to explain clearly to you, the general idea is that most of the parents who are willing to send their children to the choir, rather than to some more utilitarian study classes, are parents who have some feelings, or who are willing to train their children in the arts, rather than in the arms race, and whose families and tutors are quite good.

She is not expecting to find someone for her child in this group either.

In her words: let the child more contact with such a crowd, things to gather people to group, after her vision will not be low, slowly life road to meet more quality people, perhaps will go more open-minded.

Like the “science of early love” post mentioned in the situation is similar to the previous fear of early love delayed learning, now fear of marriage into poverty alleviation.

So we are a little bit earlier to sort out the circle of marriage objects look quite important, which is essentially a “middle-class preservation of their class status and another effort”.