Adding Fuel to the Fire Zhao Lijian Attacks Japan on Xi Jinping’s Orders? China’s population drops below 1.4 billion for the first time since the founding of the Communist Party

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is a “fixed figure” who has a strong presence from the government to the media. A few days ago, Xi Jinping gave a public lecture to Guilin Municipal Party Secretary Zhou Jiabin during a visit to Guilin, and the body language between Xi and Zhou sparked heated debate.

The various “learning platforms” are popping up all over the place, but there are many examples of botching the process. The software “Learning Power” has been turned into a fraudulent tool, and users of “Love the Party and Love the Country” have lost millions of dollars. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian released a scandalous painting of Japan, which sparked the discontent of the Japanese side, but let Xi Jinping top the tank.

Ma’s bad luck is not over yet! Ant’s valuation plummeted by 90% at worst due to tightened regulation by the Chinese Communist Party. What’s more shocking is that the Chinese Communist Party is investigating “who” is supporting the Ant IPO, pulling out the carrot and bringing out the mud.

The Chinese Communist Party delayed to mention the 2020 population data, was exposed to the population crisis intensified.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party launched a new anti-spy regulations, listed in the list of key units, allegedly hidden killing opportunities! Boston Chinese will appear in court to plead guilty to smuggling marine technology to the Chinese Communist Party.

Respectful and trembling, Guilin secretary’s performance is on fire

Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping visited many places in Guangxi from 25 to 27, during which he lectured Guilin Municipal Party Secretary Zhou Jiabin in public, emphasizing the need to make Guilin a world-class tourist destination. The body language between Xi Jinping and Zhou Jiabin sparked hot debate.

A video of Xi Jinping giving a public lecture to Zhou Jiabin has been hotly circulated on Twitter.

The Free Asia Twitter account commented: “From their body language, we may be able to observe the political ecology of the current CCP officialdom.

Netizens hotly commented that.

“One is a mentor, the other is something…”

“Don’t look like a lackey now, turn around and that’s a master.”

“The distance with North Korea Jong-un is just one book and one pen away.”

“I can’t help but venture the thought that Izun doesn’t know Guilin.”

“That’s what happens when the relationship between master and lackey is masked as a comradeship between upper and lower levels.”

“The municipal party secretary, in front of the people is toeing the line, but in front of the emperor, is a schoolboy.”

“The north has a thousand-year plan to build Xiongnan, the south shall be the world level to engage Guilin.”

“This party official looks like flattering, head like pounding garlic. Next year, after a respectable emperor, these civil and military party officials just kneel down, right?”

“Lie on the ground and wag their tails to make the appearance of profound understanding.”

“The dialogue between the master and the lackey is full of joy.”

Adding fuel to the fire! Zhao Lijian scandalizes famous painting, Xi Jinping orders?

On April 26, Zhao Lijian, a war wolf of the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry, posted a painting on Twitter that scandalized Japan’s Ukiyo-e, mocking Japan for discharging Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea. The spoof painting is credited to “boy who loves to study”. The Japanese Foreign Ministry protested and asked Zhao to delete the tweet immediately.

Photo: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian at a regular press conference in Beijing

Japanese ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai’s famous woodblock print “Thirty-six Views of the Surf in Kanagawa,” one of the world’s most famous works of Japanese art, consists of a large wave, a boat, and Mount Fuji in the background.

This altered painting replaces Mount Fuji, a sacred national symbol of Japan, with a nuclear power plant; a “cross” is painted on the clouds, making the entire background look like a tomb; people in protective clothing are painted on the boat, pouring radioactive liquid into the sea; and the white waves in the original picture are scandalized in the shape of a skull.

In the CCP’s political context, software such as “Learn to Power” and the so-called “National Learning Platform” are both original puns, alluding to the study of “Xi Jinping’s ideology of governing the country. The software is also known as the “national learning platform,” which is a clever pun that alludes to learning “Xi Jinping’s ideas on governance.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now protested to the Chinese Communist Party, demanding that the tweet be removed immediately.

Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimichi Mogi said at an April 27 press conference that he saw the post by Zhao Lijian and said, “I immediately lodged a strong protest against this incident through diplomatic channels and requested that it be removed.”

CCP launches new counter-espionage rules, lists key units

The Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security announced on April 26 the “Regulations on Counter-espionage Security Precautions,” establishing a system of lists of key units for counter-espionage security precautions and setting up a reporting system, saying that organs, groups and enterprise organizations have the main responsibility for counter-espionage work. Foreign media said that the Chinese Communist Party intends to raise the country’s efforts to monitor the public.

The “regulations” require the state security organs according to the nature of the unit, the industry, the level of secrecy and other factors, in conjunction with the relevant departments to develop and regularly adjust the list of key units of anti-spy security prevention; determine the scope of key units, the CPC state security agencies will inform the relevant units in writing to guide them to implement the corresponding security obligations in accordance with the provisions.

It is clearly stated that the key units should “do a good job of the unit abroad (border) groups, personnel and long-term personnel stationed abroad anti-spy security prevention pre-trip education, overseas management and return (border) interview work. All kinds of research institutions will be included in the list of key units.

“Provisions” to encourage reporting, to “anti-spy security work in the significant achievements or make significant contributions to the units and individuals” to give recognition, rewards. The person in charge of the Ministry of State Security of the Communist Party of China also said that the new rules, for the failure to clearly implement the responsibility for anti-spy security units, the State Security organs may order a deadline for rectification, or interview the person in charge, or even criminal responsibility.