It’s delicious! Abe smiling and pushing pineapples Tsai English: not enough to taste at your beck and call

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tweeted a photo of himself with a Taiwan pineapple today and said he would eat pineapple today. (Photo source: Abe Facebook)

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shared a photo of himself with Taiwan pineapples on Facebook and Twitter today (28th) and said he wanted to eat pineapples today; Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen immediately replied that if 5 pineapples were not enough, he could always send them again. The Chinese Communist Party unilaterally announced at the end of February to suspend the import of Taiwan pineapples, after the incident was reported by the Japanese media, Taiwan pineapples in Japan became the most sought-after fruit in supermarkets, many Japanese people have bought Taiwan pineapples to support.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today posted a photo of him and Taiwan pineapple on his Facebook and Twitter. In the photo Abe holding a pineapple in his hand with a big smile, the paper box in front of him wrote a big “Taiwan pineapple” 4 words. Abe posted that his snack today is Taiwan pineapple, and said Taiwan pineapple looks delicious. The posting was posted for 20 minutes and thousands of people clicked on it, and a large number of Japanese netizens poured in to leave comments, praising the Taiwan pineapple is really delicious.

Tsai Ing-wen, who has been interacting frequently with Japanese netizens on Twitter, also “chatted across the air”, saying that if Abe’s 5 pineapples are not enough to eat, he is welcome to notify at any time, Taiwan “can always send them over again”.

The Chinese Communist Party blocked Taiwan pineapple, but accidentally on the world stage for Taiwan pineapple free marketing advertising. The units of various countries in Taiwan, such as the Canadian office in Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan, the Japan Taiwan Exchange Association, etc., have also published pictures and articles in support of Taiwan pineapples to express their support.

All over Japan also joined the ranks of buying Taiwan pineapples, the storm also led to many Japanese netizens who love Taiwan fruits “praise (tsàn-siann)”; unexpectedly, Shinzo Abe also joined the ranks of supporting Taiwan pineapples today.

In Abe’s pineapple posting below, some Japanese netizens left a message saying that it was difficult for Japanese people to buy Taiwan pineapple in the past. Many netizens also then explained that after the Chinese Communist Party banned the import of Taiwan pineapples, the number of Taiwan pineapples in Japan increased, so now many supermarkets can buy them. Some netizens also said, “I am a general ordinary citizen, but I can also buy it in the nearby supermarkets. Even the pineapple core is delicious.” “I also got it and it was very tasty. Will order again.” Taiwan pineapple, “Taiwan pineapple million tyranny”, “after not Taiwan production, but I do not eat oh”.

Other users said: “Taiwan pineapple and Taiwan banana are very delicious. There is a taste of Japanese nostalgia lost by Japanese people.”