Mainland “bear children” new height: 10-year-old child fire 4 cars

A 10-year-old boy from mainland China set fire to four cars in a row for the thrill of it. (Taken from News)

Hollywood movie watching too much? A boy from mainland China was caught by police setting fire to four cars because he thought “watching explosions on TV was exciting”, so he tried the law on his own, causing local netizens to worry that the child might be “born with an anti-social personality”.

According to a comprehensive report of the mainland media, on the 18th of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, there are 2 since the front of the minibus on fire, firefighters rushed to the scene, although the emergency extinguished the fire, but the local police found another red minibus 100 meters from the site of the fire, the rear of the car also has burn marks. As a result of the same place in one day, three consecutive cars were burned, the local police believe that this continuous arson case is not trivial, traced the line and found that the killer is actually a 10-year-old boy living in the neighborhood, so that the mainland netizens are very shocked.

The boy confessed after the investigation that he set fire to three cars, including a white Honda, white Hyundai and red Mazda, around 10 a.m. on the 18th, and even confessed to having set fire to another white Chevrolet minibus on the 11th of the same month. The boy told police that he would burn four cars in a row because after seeing the explosion scenes on TV, “I feel very exciting and curious”, so I want to see the car explode and fly, but fortunately several cases of burning cars only “attempted explosion”, did not cause major accidents or injury.

The 10-year-old boy saw the scene of the car explosion on TV felt very exciting, and thus burned three cars, and even admitted to have long experience in setting fire. (from global network,

As the boy is under 16 years old, according to the local “Criminal Law” regulations, “no criminal punishment, should be ordered to their parents or guardians to discipline; when necessary, also by the government to take custody of correction.” However, the loss of the vehicle, the parents or guardians should be responsible for compensation according to law.

Netizens believe that if parents have given appropriate discipline, generally speaking, children of this age can already judge right and wrong, so the case should not be blamed on television programs, parents are the key; some netizens also believe that “arson is addictive, many arsonists are repeat offenders,” suspecting that children are still so young to have this kind of extraordinary criminal behavior. I’m afraid it’s a potential anti-social personality.