2 Chinese female university students chatting on the school bus are actually Chinese orphanage classmates

Ally Cole (left) and Ruby Wierzbicki (right), Chinese college students in Victoria, found out they were both in a Chinese children’s home when they were young. (taken from Instagram)

The movie “The Parent Trap” is actually playing out in the real world. Two Chinese-American college students at Liberty University in Virginia were chatting on a school bus ride when they realized they had similar childhood backgrounds; however, they were not twins, but had lived in the same orphanage in China as children.

Ally Cole, who grew up in Maryland and is a sophomore this year, was on her way to school when she and Ruby Wierzbicki, a freshman from New Jersey, happened to be on the same school bus on the 14th and sat next to each other. They both came from China and even from the same city – Jinan.

Through a photo of the Jinan Social Welfare Institution, Cole and Vizbich discovered that they had both been orphans there, and the photo revealed another surprising fact: they had lived in the orphanage during the same period.

Cole said, “There’s a picture of both of us standing next to each other; I’ve always wondered who was standing next to me, and now I finally know!”

Ally Cole (left) and Ruby Wierzbicki, a female college student of Chinese descent in Victoria, found out through casual conversation on the school bus that they were both in a Chinese institution for young children as children. (From liberty.edu website)

The two continued to share photos of their past with each other after they got off the bus, and several of them were only a stone’s throw away from each other at the time; Cole and Wierzbicki were both speechless with surprise at the coincidence, and Wierzbicki described it in an interview with CNN: “We were all quiet for a while, and I think we were all shocked. “

“It turns out that there are really people around me who come from the same past as me, I was so surprised.” Cole also said, “It wasn’t until I went into class that the feeling of shock really came over me.”

Since they had both been in China for only a few years, their memories of their early childhoods were quite vague; however, they did learn afterward that they had been adopted from each other only about a week apart, and they tried to ask their parents for other photos to explore more about their past origins.

Meeting in a school of 15,000 students, Cole and Vizbich both agreed that it was no coincidence, but God’s plan, Vizbich said, “We followed God’s footsteps to find each other, and it was His careful planning that allowed us to form such a meaningful friendship.”