Trump: antitrust investigation of big tech companies needed

On Friday, April 23, Fox News host Sean Hannity interviewed former U.S. President Donald Trump at his Sea Lake estate in Florida. Trump said the U.S. government needs to conduct an “antitrust review” of big tech companies and social media in the U.S., and that he is planning to create a strong social media platform independent of Google and Amazon.

Hannity mentioned in the interview that big tech companies, including Twitter and Facebook, have a “culture of cancellation” driven by conservative figures, including Trump. He said that left-wing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are banning Trump. He asked Trump: How are you going to deal with these problems? Are you going to push regulators to conduct antitrust investigations of these companies, or end Section 230 of the Defense Act, or launch your own social media platforms?

Trump replied that the big social media platforms can’t silence him, but that social media platforms like Twitter have become very boring due to the loss of Trump and his supporters.

I can actually get my voice out there because we’re posting news,” he said. And every time we put out news, our message is getting out everywhere, and its effectiveness exceeds Twitter, it’s much better than Twitter. Twitter is very boring now, and a lot of people are quitting Twitter.”

Trump also said that Twitter was originally unsuccessful and only became red-hot because he used it, so many of his supporters got on it.

He said, “You know when I first started using Twitter a few years ago, Twitter was a platform that wasn’t successful. The idea of Twitter, the media on Twitter, the platform itself was a failure. Honestly, Twitter has since become very inspiring, which has a lot to do with my use, and now it’s becoming very boring again, and a lot of people are quitting.”

As for stopping the curbs on the free flow of information in the U.S. by big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, Trump believes the big tech companies should be censored by a federal antitrust investigation agency. And he himself is considering creating a new social media.

Trump said, “We’re looking at social media that is robust and not controlled by big tech companies, so that it’s not just taken down by them.”

Hannity also referred in the interview to an undercover video about CNN released by the right-wing nonprofit Project Truth on April 13. The video shows Charlie Chester, CNN’s technical director, claiming in a work session that CNN brought Trump down by releasing a pro-Biden, anti-Trump opinion, even exaggerating the Communist virus (New Coronavirus) outbreak in the United States in the process.

Hannity said he spent three years digging up information about the Deep State government in the United States, and all the information he reported about the Deep State government was later proven to be true. He found that the deep state had been lying for three years. He then asked Trump how, politically speaking, one should monitor a political party’s smear campaign against a sitting president through a free publicity campaign.

Trump replied that those practices of the GOP’s left wing are “vicious” and that “they’re lying, fraudulent and theft.”

Both Trump and Hannity suggested during the discussion that to address the issue of fairness in U.S. elections, states need to elect good governors who are willing to defend the integrity of elections, and also need to address issues such as maintaining the chain of custody and the right of bipartisan ballot supervisors to monitor votes and verify voter signatures and voter identities.

Trump also spoke of the fact that while bad election fraud occurred in 2020, and the U.S. Supreme Court, while knowing that the election was flawed, did not have the guts to act on it.