EU Foreign Affairs: Support Taiwan’s participation in the WHO conference in May

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) on April 24, the European Union’s Ministry of External Affairs expressed its support for Taiwan on the same day, calling for a practical solution to Taiwan’s participation in international affairs; it also stressed that the World Health Organization should include Taiwan and that Taiwan’s contribution to world health is highlighted by its fight against the epidemic.

It is reported that the 74th World Health Assembly will be held from May 24 to June 1 this year, but due to the issue of the new crown epidemic, the meeting will continue to be conducted by video this year.

European Foreign Affairs spokesman Maslari replied to a query from the Central News Agency on Saturday, saying that under the EU’s “One China” policy and the EU’s policy objectives, the EU urges practical solutions for Taiwan’s participation in international frameworks, which also apply to the World Health Organization.
Maslari made it clear that the EU will continue to develop cooperative relations with Taiwan on health and other issues of global concern.

Although the EU is not a member but an observer of the WHO, it has an indicative role in integrating the positions of EU member states in foreign policy, the report said.