Hefei a large kindergarten ingredients moldy parents angry

Hefei Giddyup Runyuan Kindergarten in Hefei, Anhui Province, was recently found by several parents to have stinky and moldy ingredients in the cafeteria that had gone bad, sparking outrage among parents. Some children in the kindergarten had symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. The kindergarten has more than 400 children and is one of the larger kindergartens.

On April 21, Ms. Luo, a Hefei citizen, reported to Land Media that she and some of the students’ parents “raided” the cafeteria of Hefei Jitbao Runyuan Kindergarten that morning and found potatoes sprouting, moldy fruits and rotten vegetables. “The ingredients do not match the menu sent to parents, and the amount of ingredients is not enough to feed the students in the park. The parents were emotional.

Seven parents checked the acceptance area in the cafeteria at about 6 a.m. that day and found moldy oranges, rotten red peppers, potatoes that had sprouted, and even chicken wings with a production date of December last year, which were simply inedible. The parents took photos of the situation for evidence.

Local media reported that on the afternoon of the 21st, at the intersection of Beihai Road and Fogao Road in Hefei’s Jingkai District, Jitbao Runyuan Kindergarten, which is at the peak of the school day, many parents who had picked up their children gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the matter. One of them, Ms. Zhang, said that the matter has spread in the parents group, as the parents of students, she is very worried.

The kindergarten’s responsible supervisor, Xu Yingfa, told the land media that the kindergarten, which has more than 400 children in the park, is the largest kindergarten in the region, and said he was not at liberty to respond about the morning’s incident.

The Jiteburg Runyuan kindergarten previously allowed parents to inspect the garden’s ingredients. Some parents at the school said that their children often had stomach upsets, which they suspected were caused by eating poor quality food from the kindergarten. Another parent mentioned that the school had recently changed suppliers.

In the afternoon of April 21, the head of the garden responded that parents raided the time, the distribution of ingredients still in the inspection area, not sub-inspection, can not be counted as park ingredients, while the garden is ready to replace the distribution supplier.

The kindergarten cafeteria ingredients moldy, prompting netizens to condemn: “kindergarten personnel do not have children themselves? Do you know how to put your heart into it? What is the conscience?”

On the 21st, after the incident of the back kitchen of Giddyup kindergarten being found by parents with substandard quality ingredients came to light, it sparked public attention. Many local departments claimed to be involved in the investigation. The head of Giddyup’s headquarters was interviewed overnight and ordered to rectify the situation.

The management committee of Hefei City Economic Development Zone responded to the issue by saying that on April 21, some parents reflected that the quality of ingredients purchased from the cafeteria of Hefei Jittibao Runyuan Kindergarten was poor, and a joint working group was set up to go to the site.

On April 22, Jiteburg kindergarten made the suspension of the director, the headquarters sent staff to take over the work of the garden, the replacement of food suppliers.