A female employee of Hunan Finance Department reported sexual abuse by her boss

Officials at all levels of the Chinese Communist Party are not only incredibly corrupt, but also promiscuous. Recently, 30-year-old Liu Nan (a pseudonym), a former temporary clerk at the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, reported the long-term sexual harassment and assault of her former supervisor, Xiao Sid, to the public. At present, Xiao Sid has been suspended from his job.

The report said that Liu Nan accused Xiao Side-the then head of the office affairs management section of the Hunan Provincial Finance Department-of verbal and physical sexual harassment and repeated acts of molestation and sexual assault. According to the report, during the authorities’ investigation of Xiao Sid, Xiao Sid “basically admitted” to what Liu Nan later reported.

On April 22, Xiao Sid denied the aforementioned report to Punch News.

Liu Nan’s husband said that on April 21, he came to the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, the head of the discipline inspection group in the Office told him that Xiao Sid “basically admitted” the content of Liu Nan’s report letter, the case is currently going through the procedure.

The report said that, according to Liu Nan provided screenshots of WeChat, Xiao Sid had proposed in the conversation “sleep with me” and so on. In addition, Liu Nan also reported that Xiao Sid had sexually assaulted her on April 12, 2019.

On the night of December 18, 2020, Liu Nan reported Xiao Sid’s behavior to the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, and on December 23, Xiao Sid was announced to be suspended.

On the evening of January 14 of this year, Liu Nan made a formal report to the local police regarding Xiao Sid’s sexual abuse of her. The following day, Liu Nan went to Hunan Provincial Brain Hospital for a checkup, and the doctor recommended hospitalization. The hospitalization diagnosis showed, “Depressive state: psychogenic possibility.”

On this matter, mainland netizens have denounced: “official moral corruption.” “Not worse than a beast, is like a beast.” “Seeking sex with power.” “There are too many such officials.” “This should be fired and investigated and dealt with.” “This should be a crime.”

Chinese Communist Party officials are morally corrupt, and in addition to commonly taking second wives and keeping mistresses, prostitution and sexual harassment of women are repeatedly occurring.

In August 2020, a 44-year-old director of the Communist Party’s Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Li Mou, was caught red-handed sexually harassing a female passenger on the Beijing subway. He was subsequently placed in administrative detention for 10 days.

Chang Yunling, the director of the Sichuan branch of the Communist Party of China’s Xinhua News Agency, was administratively detained for 7 days after secretly filming a female passenger’s underskirt with her cell phone in a carriage while riding on Metro Line 1 on the evening of May 25, 2019.