Prominent evangelical pastor praises Trump: “Never seen anyone work harder than Trump”

Compiled by Wenbo Li of, Breitbart News reported on Saturday that prominent evangelical pastor Franklin Graham defended the former President Trump’s political legacy on Friday, insisting that during his years in office, he “put America first.

Graham is an American evangelical Christian preacher whose father was evangelist Billy Graham, a leading figure in the post-World War II evangelical church.

U.S. media reported that Trump dropped nearly 300 spots in Forbes’ billionaire rankings, a drop that Pastor Geffrin attributed to Trump’s service to the United States. President Trump has returned all of his paychecks to taxpayers during his tenure,” Rev. Geffrin wrote on Facebook Friday. However, many politicians leave office with much more wealth than they had when they took office. Forbes reports that President Trump lost about $1 billion in wealth during his four years in office.”

Rev. Geffrin was on the fence about Trump before the 2016 election and refused to endorse him; but over the next four years, Rev. Geffrin turned into a staunch Trump supporter.

Rev. Geffrin wrote, “Mr. Trump is not serving as president to make money or to put his hand in the till, but to do his best to preserve the great things of America for future generations.”

Rev. Geffrin added, “President Trump has put America first, not personal gain. I have never seen anyone work harder than Trump. Thank you President Trump for your service to America.”

Rev. Geffrin has criticized left-leaning trends in American politics, most recently commenting on the debate over Georgia’s voting integrity law. on April 6 Rev. Geffrin wrote, “There are too many false claims about Joe State’s new voting law, and efforts to strengthen the integrity of elections are being portrayed as voter suppression, which is wrong. Voter ID is a practical idea that can bring integrity to American elections.”

Rev. Geffrin concluded, “We show ID when we fly, when we stay in hotels. What’s wrong with showing ID when you vote?”