Coconut group bar on the central-level party media: the collapse of my “serious consequences”

On April 2, Coconut Group issued an article on its official website, implicitly disliking the central-level party media. (Web screenshot)

The Chinese Communist Party’s economic policy has taken a left turn, and many so-called “private enterprises” have been “harvested” one after another. In the context of collusion between government and business, political struggle is also involved. A few days ago, China’s beverage giant Coconut Tree Group was besieged by the party media for its vulgar advertisements, and not only did it not admit its mistakes, but also issued an article listing the “serious consequences” of its collapse.

In March this year, Hainan Coconut Tree Group was accused of false advertising because of an official microblog posting of a recruitment advertisement that “trains general managers and vice presidents” – “a car, a house and a high salary upon enrollment”. propaganda.

On March 31, Hainan Party media announced that the Hainan Provincial Bureau of Market Supervision had opened a case against Coconut Group for publishing allegedly illegal advertisements. Subsequently, the Communist Party’s CCTV program and launched a series of criticisms against Coconut Tree Group, calling it “a veteran in the field of vulgar advertising” and “repeatedly failing to reform,” and even claiming that it would “wait and see” its The Chinese Communist Party’s CCTV reported on Coconut Tree Group.

CCTV reports on the investigation of Coconut Tree Group. (Video screenshot)

CCTV claims to be waiting for the end of Coconut Group. (Web screenshot)

On April 1, People’s Daily also published a special commentary, saying that Coconut Tree Group had been fined RMB 200,000 in 2019 for its vulgar advertisements, and still did not learn from the educational clouds.

However, after being criticized by the two central-level party media, Coconut Tree Group did not “apologize” and announced “rectification”, but instead, the official microblogging will be “car, house and high salary upon enrollment” advertisement. The official microblogging site will be topped with the advertisement of “cars, houses and high salaries for enrollment”.

Coconut Tree Group’s official microblogging site topped the controversial ad. (Web screenshot)

Subsequently, Coconut Tree Group published an article on its official website and official microblogging to dislike the official media, with a headline to the effect that “Coconut Tree’s advertisement has triggered national hype, employees and netizens have ‘five worries’ and are pinning ‘two hopes’ to prevent Coconut Tree from being on the verge of bankruptcy again. on the verge of bankruptcy”.

The so-called “five worries” are worried about “affecting the image of Hainan’s opening to the world”, “to the world of China’s famous brand is investigated and destroyed”, ” Hainan 500,000 coconut farmers return to poverty”, “coconut tree to intern in the President’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ national strategy plan is blocked”, “6000 employees suffer again “etc., has clearly “on the line”, the tone is very high.

According to the article, if Coconut is screwed up, “Hainan’s only national brand with two Chinese brand-name products will be ruined”.

The Coconut Group, initially restructured from a local state-owned enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy, has grown into a beverage giant in China in recent years. The outside world believes that most of the companies that have made it big in China are involved in official backgrounds. Many of these companies have been accused of being white gloves of high-ranking officials.

According to public information, in February 2019, Coconut Tree Group was investigated by the industrial and commercial bureau of Longhua District, Haikou City, after an advertisement that read “I grew up drinking” was alleged to involve pornographic and suggestive “vulgar” content. Coconut Group subsequently replaced the female models in the ad with images of elementary, middle and college students, but insisted that the ad’s wording did not violate advertising laws.

In August 2020, Coconut Tree Group issued a statement apologizing for the “Coconut Tree Training School for Professional Managers” recruitment ad that sparked a lot of online debate.