Taroko accident death under repair 48 dead Interpretation of the car recorder

Taiwan Railway’s Taroko derailed in Hualien’s Clearwater Tunnel on the 2nd, killing 50 people. A large crane arrived at the accident site on the morning of the 3rd, dragging the last car of the train away from the tunnel entrance. (Central News Agency)

The number of deaths was revised downward to 48 after the original announcement of 51 deaths through DNA and document comparison, and some of the wreckage was found to belong to the same person.

Hualien District Attorney Yu Xiutuan said on the 4th, after DNA testing, the current confirmation of the identity of the names of 48 people, but there are still remains have not been confirmed, the body still needs to be sent for examination, the number of victims will not rule out another upward or downward revision.

She explained that the Institute of Forensic Medicine has received 19, the Criminal Affairs Bureau, a total of 20 body identification report, the number of victims will change or increase or decrease.

The number of fatalities so far is 48, 198 injured and 45 hospitalized.

National Transportation Safety Investigation Committee Chairman Yang Hongzhi said on the 3rd, has found the train’s traffic recorder, train control and management system (referred to as TCMS), automatic train protection system (ATP), etc., has been in the download and interpretation of the important have mastered, the key 8th car, that is, the cab outward image also has, at the latest 6 days will have preliminary results.

As to whether the engineering car involved in the accident has pulled up the trolley, Yang Hongzhi said that the car because it has been smashed, so can not see, but with the eyes to see just one of the ways, there will be other ways to restore whether the driving trolley has pulled up.

In addition, there are involved in the perpetrator Yi Xiang Industrial Society, Li Yi Xiang, Hualien District Court yesterday ruled that NT 500,000 yuan bail, the Hualien District Attorney’s Office then filed a protest, the Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch received the protest, has been deliberated by a panel judge, is expected to have the results today (4) noon.