Coca-Cola exec slams Joe State election law, gets sprayed by internet with serious consequences ……

Almost the same day that Coca-Cola Executive James Quincey said that Joe’s election laws were “unacceptable,” “wrong” and “regressive,” the Joe based Coca-Cola Company was hit with a massive anti-Coca-Cola campaign. The Breitbart News has a selection of tweets that took offense to Quincy’s comments.

Writer and former congressional candidate Buzz Patterson wrote, “The guy who peddles fattening sugar water wants to control the way people think!”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham noted, “Coca-Cola is making a big mistake and patriots will choose other drinks. “

Political commentary Dinesh D’Souza shared an article from Asia Times titled, Virus or No Virus, We Stand with the Communist Party. Highlighting Coca-Cola’s political awakening.

Actress Alana Stewart t commented, “Many patriotic Americans will no longer buy Coca-Cola, including myself. “

Senator Roger Wicker (R-UT) posted on Twitter.” Coca-Cola exec, caving in to the left, who is sharing a false narrative. Shame on you!”

Commentator and podcast host Stephen L. Miller, shared a New York Times article titled “Nike and Coca-Cola Lobby Against Congressional Passage of New Frontier Forced Labor Bill,” detailing how big companies are “pressuring Congress not to pass a bill cracking down on the importation of forced labor goods from Muslim minorities.

Right-wing commentator John Cardillo wrote, “Democrats want to tax corporations into bankruptcy, and now they’re asking Delta and Coca-Cola to spend millions of dollars to influence politics in Joe State.”

One Twitter user wrote, “I know a lot of Coke drinkers who swear they will never buy another Coca-Cola product as long as they live.”