Really? Hu Yu Wei exposed Jiang Hongjie Fuyuan Ai interaction: the two are quite affectionate

According to Taiwan media reports, Hu Yuwei was asked about the interaction between Jiang Hongjie and Ai Fukuhara when he attended an event on March 31, revealing that the two were quite affectionate, Jiang Hongjie won the ball and said “this do not broadcast” completely do not see the difference.

Asked whether there is contact with Jiang Hongjie, Hu Yuwei said with a smile, “because our group (blue team) also did not have a small Jie, he is also quite unfortunate that they two, they are very sweet has been put flash, quite cute, then has been joking if you win Fuyuan Ai today to sleep on the sofa, very good at the scene, see the news really shocked, is to think about the children. “

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Jiang Hongjie sun all black photo suspected of thinking? The company clarified: is a starry sky photo

Netease entertainment reported on April 2, according to the Taiwan media, Fukuhara Ai, Jiang Hongjie marriage rumors have not yet ended, Fukuhara Ai in Japan and deep in the suspicion of an affair, and recently broke the scandal object married; people in Taiwan, Jiang Hongjie is sharing life in social platforms, but recently sent five scenic photos in a full black photo, netizens saw that the situation of Jiang Hongjie is worrying, worried that he was affected by the and Fukuhara Ai The divorce controversy will not be able to think.

The company responded: “Thank you for your concern, that (all-black photo) is a starry sky photo, Jiang Hongjie is traveling with his family”, denying the idea that he could not think.

After the exposure of the marriage incident, Jiang Hongjie’s social media platform has never taken off the self-introduction column “Ai’s husband”, and all the sweet photos with Ai Fukuhara in the past, it is clear that the marriage is still not given up, and the Japanese media are also concerned about his active in variety shows, but Fukuhara is suspected of ” The topic of “double incestuous” is still burning in Japan, the Japanese media pointed out that she has found a good lawyer to prepare for the divorce agreement.