Jiao Enjun’s ex-wife exposed the reason for hiding the divorce for 7 months: to take into account the elders on both sides

On April 1, artist Jiao Enjun and Lin Chienyu issued a statement through their company announcing their divorce. The statement said that the two had completed divorce procedures in August last year, ending their six-year marriage. The two sides signed for 7 months, but concealed until now to announce the reason, “because to take into account the elders of both sides.”

Lin Chien-Yu himself revealed in a social platform post, “signed more than seven months, put in the heart not to say …… is because of taking into account the elders of both sides …… heart thanks for all the past, good get-together, blessing. More thanks to all the friends who care.”

In fact, Lin Chien-Yu 2020 will have told the media, and Jiao En-Jun has nearly 2 years no contact, long enough to forget how long such a deadlock maintained, but both sides are unwilling to take the initiative to break the deadlock, “only the spouse column name or him.” As for the reason for the cold war, Lin Chien-Yu stressed that the two sides did not have an affair or third party intervention, but each other’s emotional control issues.

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A few days ago, Lin Chien-Yu participated in a variety show and was asked where Jiao En-Jun is currently, Lin Chien-Yu also had a cold and straightforward attitude, “in the place where he should be”. After that, Lin Chien-Yu mentioned Jiao En-Jun is also straightforward, “everything is karma”, but also said to return the karma will naturally say goodbye, Lin Chien-Yu also means to reveal her and Jiao En-Jun’s relationship status, seems to be discord.

It is reported that Lin Qianyu and Jiao Enjun were originally friends for many years, the two met through the TV series “Officer and Lady”, in 2005, Jiao Enjun and his first wife Fendi divorce, and Lin Qianyu contact gradually frequent, the two began to date, but Jiao Enjun later suddenly posted that he had another lover, so that the outside world fell.