An Yixuan first sunshine business photo after giving birth, two years two children body shape appearance unchanged, yuan qi girl playful play cute

Entering the first four words of her life, An Yixuan gave birth to her second daughter at the end of October last year, and her son was just over a year old when her daughter was born. Two years two children successfully put together a good word, so that the senior mother of her very satisfied, decided to seal the belly. To complete the task of childbirth, An Yixuan will return to her career. An Yixuan postpartum vitality, good condition, new mother let people envy.

On April 2, 2021, An Yixuan first sun business photos after giving birth, graphic, let people feel the goddess is not only beautiful, but also super witty humor cute. Finally you can work, so fans are happy. Welcome back the goddess.

The company also complained about the studio, ordering so many delicious food to her, which is afraid of her hunger or afraid of her thin? Anyway, it’s a sign of love for her. As the mother of two children, health first, eat more good spirit business. Go ~

An Yixuan work meal, a table of delicious, straight let people drool, I wonder how much she can eat it? Like so high calorie stuff, or do not eat too much oh. An Yixuan even eating phase makes people feel too good. She wore a black T, revealing the collarbone, draped long big wave volume, delicate features, full of vitality super girl, while eating playful play cute, also too cute. And beautiful and lovely, is simply a fairy sister in person.

The fact that the woman is 40 years old, looks no different from the girl, proves that the goddess is good at maintenance. Two years two children, plus advanced maternal age, body shape appearance are not any change, An Yixuan hurry to expose how to maintain it. Let the women learn. A lifetime to do beautiful girl, such a state really let envy.

An Yixuan also sunshine some work when dressing up, dressing girls tied age minus braided hair, youthful fashion elegant lady, completely like an 18-year-old girl, face value high to the peak. Really can not see is the mother of two children.

Netizens have left messages: “beautiful big sister”, “long time no see beauty girl”, “good guys, who can see you are the mommy of two dolls, this is clearly a beauty girl well, absolutely! ” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services, including: “eat more to have the strength to operate more”, “really long time no see you eat more to eat more and then more business”, “great finally came out”, ” Another day I want to see WaPo and 66″, “or the princess”, “sister is still so beautiful!” , “baby mother is getting more and more beautiful” ……

The actual fact is that An Yixuan was simply born to be a star material, perfect for this circle. The random photos, are so dazzling, starry, powerful aura. I wish the hot mom a high career and a beautiful and harmonious family, and become a role model for women in the new era.