Wei Wei with his family to celebrate the birthday of his eldest son, 27-year-old Wei Ziming face high, super like his 83-year-old father

On April 2, Wei Wei’s eldest son, Wei Ziming, released a set of photos on social media and said, “One year younger!”

It is easy to understand from the content of the exposed photos combined with the text that yesterday was not only the Western “April Fool’s Day” but also Wei Ziming’s 27th birthday, although there is no footage of his mother Wei Wei in the exposed photos, but there is the presence of his mother in the footage of his two younger brothers, Wei Zixuan and Wei Zirui.

In addition to the family of four that day, the youngest son, Wei Ziwei’s girlfriend is also present, a playful dress looks very lined with Wei Ziwei, flowing hair is a lot of color for it. It is reported that Wei Ziming and his girlfriend’s feelings are very stable, and they have met each other’s parents, and I believe there will be good news in the near future.

Just 27 years old, Wei Ziming looks quite gentlemanly, slightly curly short hair with “Indian” face is simply handsome to no friend. The company has a similar “medal” hanging on its chest, and the whole process is very protective, I think it has some significance, but because the content on the “medal” looks very fuzzy, so I do not know what it specifically represents.

In addition to its own handsome, Wei Ziming is also a super academic. After graduating from the Chinese Department of Peking University, Wei Ziming went to Europe to study and achieved good results.

As the “birthday boy” of the evening, Wei Ziming gave a very elegant feeling, very much like his 83-year-old father Michael Smith, and Wei Ziming is also one of the three brothers most like his father.

A white shirt at his brother’s birthday party is Wei Wei’s second son Wei Zirui, a few days ago Wei Zirui entered the modeling world, and showed a strong show strength, and also received a brand endorsement. The company’s first and foremost business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

It is reported that the family is currently in Thailand, and the two sons are also working in Thailand. Although this birthday did not see Michael Smith, but I believe he will have to send blessings.