Jiangxi bitter bride price for a long time

It wasn’t until 2018 that Jiang Chip finished paying back the money he borrowed from relatives for the bride price when he got married.

“I got married at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. I married a girl from our same village and asked for a bride price of 168,000 yuan. “Jiang chip is a native of Ganzhou, Jiangxi, in the “sound bite” about the bride price in Jiangxi “The most popular is Ganzhou.

In Zhihu, “Why are so many high bride price areas in the country Jiangxi is famous? In the question, someone said: “Located in the small rural areas of southern Ganzhou, the bride price has risen over the past decade, and now (January 10, 2021) an average of 250,000. “Others said bluntly, “I am from the countryside of Gan County, and currently (April 7, 2020) our bride price here is around 180,000. Yudu County is estimated to be at least 200,000 or more. “

Bride price is only a small head. Jiang chips a sum of money: “Bride price of 168,000, to the woman’s three money, wedding clothes, and the cost of the banquet. I remember I spent more than 300,000 on these at the time. In addition, there are houses and cars. Nowadays, it is generally required to build a suite in the village and buy a suite in the county. The total adds up, spending nearly a million. “

But most people do not have the financial strength to do so. Jiang chip said, “in Jiangxi, a family will be from the birth of a son to save for him ‘wife book’. If the family has a daughter, then the bride price of marrying a daughter will also become this son to marry a daughter-in-law ‘fund’. If it is not enough, the family will be used to borrow money from relatives. “

Borrowing” bride price” is a very common situation in Jiangxi. Jiujiang’s Dahlin told reporters: “I have a cousin who got married this year, the other party asked for 150,000 bride price. His family conditions are not very good, so ask my family borrowed a little money. “

Jiang chip also said: “My family saved money to spend on building a house, and my sister married earlier, parents also talk, so the bride price received is not high. So, by the time I got married, 168,000 bride price money was borrowed from relatives. “

From this point of view, Jiujiang Bank’s “bride price loan” is not without reason.

On March 16, Jiujiang Bank launched the “bride price loan” to attract attention. According to the product poster, the “bride price loan” “maximum According to the product poster, the “bride price loan” can be used for up to 300,000 yuan, up to 1 year, with an annual interest rate as low as 4.9%; the loan can be used for wedding trips, car purchases, jewelry purchases and home appliances.

Subsequently, the product continued to receive attention and questions. The bank said “not officially online” and issued an apology statement on March 18, saying that the product was still in the copy design process, not officially online, and was issued by staff members The company has been suspended from work for the direct person in charge.

But the high bride price in Jiangxi is evident.

The “borrowed” bride price, after the wedding, Jiang chip will embark on the road north to work, pay off debts. “The wages in Jiangxi are too low, and the pressure of debts is great. So I chose to work in Beijing from Jiangxi. “Jiang chip recalled. After arriving in Beijing, Jiang became the “king of the rolls”. “Others are reluctant to do the work I took, all-night writing is also a common thing, in line with the principle of diligence, save a little, it took three years, I paid off the arrears. “

How high is the bride price in Jiangxi?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Enter “Jiangxi” in the search box of each browser, that will automatically associate “Jiangxi bride price”. On Zhihu, the question “Why is Jiangxi famous for its high bride price in so many areas of the country? “, “Is the bride price in Jiangxi only for foreign provinces or is it also so much locally? ” and other topics have attracted thousands of comments and discussions.

Among the tweets about the bride price in Jiangxi, “128,000”, “168,000 “168,000”, “200,000 “, “268,000”, even 300,000, 888,000 and other figures constantly stimulate people’s eyeballs.

“When I got married at the end of 2014, the other party asked for 168,000. I have a relative who gave 300,000 when he got married in 2005, but his family is richer and less representative. But it’s true that 200,000 to 300,000 has become common in the past two years. “Jiang chip said.

In addition to Ganzhou, Leping, Yingtan, Fuzhou and Shangrao are also known as the “sky-high bride price” of The “hardest hit” areas. On the Internet, there is even a saying circulating, “Jiangxi bride price is the world, Leping bride price crowns the right side of Jiangxi, Yudu bride price is sub-Ganzhou. “

Taiyuan of Shangrao said, “The current bride price in Shangrao is about a hundred thousand or so. But if the conditions are poor, such as family, education, poor work, ‘it is difficult to marry a daughter-in-law’ people, the bride price will be 300,000. “Another Shangrao people also told reporters: “The bride price is about 300,000. “

An Ke of Yingtan, Jiangxi, introduced, “I didn’t ask for a bride price for my marriage, but in 2020 I had a girlfriend who got married with a bride price of 600,000. It is said that Yingtan 2018 bride price is still 200,000, 2019 on 300,000, 2020 I heard are generally 600,000. “

Fuzhou’s Sakura, on the other hand, said, “Fuzhou’s bride price starts at 188,000, and there is no cap on it. This is only the bride price money, three gold or hardware, as well as banquet money, house and car are counted separately. “

Bride price is one of the Chinese traditions. In the traditional marriage procedure in ancient China, there are six steps: naxing, asking for the name, naji, nazheng, inviting the date, and welcoming the bride. Among them, “naji” and “nazheng “is the man to the woman’s parents present bride price. This reporter learned that, in addition to Jiangxi, other provinces also have bride price this requirement.

For example, Sichuan’s Meng Meng told reporters: “According to my mother’s description, our marriage there is also to bride price, the amount is about 60,000 to 100,000. “Maruko of Hebei also said:” parents raised me for so many years, married out to take care of their obligations to do less, to give a little bride price is also reasonable. “

But Jiangxi easily two or three hundred thousand bride price, compared to other places 60,000, 80,000, or even Guangdong “8888 yuan”, one or two million The “meaningful” bride price level is indeed high.

However, Jiang also stressed that the bride price in Jiangxi “varies from person to person”, just like Taiyuan said -The worse the conditions are, the higher the bride price is.

One is that the worse the condition of the woman, the more she will bite the bride price, such as asking for more and less room for negotiation; the second is that the worse the condition of the man, the higher the conditions proposed by the other party may be. I do not know what the reason for this, may be similar to the market mechanism, poor conditions of the boy to meet the requirements, you have to add on the bride price. “Jiang chip guessed.

Ganzhou’s Yang Liu also said: “Our county also has the kind of accompanying very high, bride price confiscated how many people. This kind of would belong to just the family conditions are better. “

In addition, Jiangxi bride price is quite criticized, there is a reason is that “the male bride price of 300,000, the woman back ‘three was’ The phenomenon.

Generally speaking, in order to pursue balance, the male side in the bride price given, the female side will return to the corresponding dowry, as well as these years due to high housing prices, the two families together to buy a house, do not require other pay the case also exists. But some places in Jiangxi have broken this balance.

“Like other places, the bride price is just a formality, the man takes it out to the woman, and the woman’s family brings it back to the new family in the form of dowry. But Ganzhou does not have this tradition, Ganzhou is the man to give the bride price, and to buy a car to buy a house, responsible for the wedding banquet expenses, the woman to bring the new family ‘three quilts’ as a dowry. “Jiang chip said.

Under the high bride price, Jiangxi has been “lying flat”. “My side of the ‘bachelor’ more and more, from 20 to 31-year-old bachelors have. Some are trying hard to get married, and some are simply give up. “Jiang chip lamented,” and, I do not know if it is because of the high bride price, high debt, I feel that the Jiangxi people will be a little more on the conservative side, more cautious to make money, save money. “

The only “thriving” is the price of housing in Jiangxi. “Our family is a county in Fuzhou, only a few years ago to set up a district. Because the family have built their own house so did not buy commercial housing, but I heard that the city is very expensive, especially compared to the local wage level. “Sakura introduced. The reporter saw on Anjuke APP, as of March 27, 2021, the average price of new house transactions in Fuzhou City is 9409 yuan / square meter, the average price of second-hand house listings is 8141 yuan / square meter.

Some Fuzhou people said on Zhihu that Fuzhou’s housing prices began to rise in 2016, and the price of a small county with a good location rose to 10,000 yuan/square meter in 2017, “it’s crazy “.

“Demolition, urbanization is one of the reasons for the rise in housing prices in counties and prefecture-level cities, but now rural marriage are required to have a suite in the county, but also the push of housing prices. “Jiang chip bluntly,” in our place, marriage not only to buy a house, but also to buy a four-room hall, because to consider the in-laws, the couple and two children live. When I got married, the price of Ganzhou was only more than 5,000 yuan a flat, but now it is more than 10,000 yuan. A set of 120 square feet of four rooms and a hall total price of more than 1.3 million. “

Why is the bride price so high in Jiangxi?

On the “pricing mechanism” of the bride price in Jiangxi, Jiang chip is also confused.

I don’t know how 200,000 to 300,000 is set. Anyway, when the marriage is agreed, you will be given a price, saying that the bride price is 200,000 or how much. “Jiang chip said.

On Zhihu, someone once did the math: “My family raised me for 25 years, even if it’s 20,000 per year, it’s not too much to ask for 500,000, right? “Someone also said: “Some time ago, I heard my father say that the bride price on this side of the family has a bottom is 160,000, the girl who got into the second book added 50,000, a book is added 100,000. “

Netizen “seems to be not divided” recalled: “Jiangxi At the beginning is not to pay attention to the bride price. My parents’ generation basically killed a pig even if it was a very generous bride price. “Until 2011, the bride price in Jiangxi began to “skyrocket “. According to the “seem to be not divided” recollection: “At that time to pay attention to How many hundred yuan bills, how much how many pounds, the amount of about a hundred thousand. Remember I have a relative in order to give less money, specifically to exchange old bills, because the old bills weight, can give less. “By 2016,” seems to be not divided “University When the bride price has risen to more than 300,000, “and also have a provincial capital of the house and a decent car, borrowing money to get married has become the norm”.

The public number “Kaifeng” has written in the article “Why is the bride price low in Guangdong and why is it high in Jiangxi? This is ultimately a war of choosing a spouse”, summarized four reasons for the difference in bride price, including: the poorer the place, the higher the bride price, gender imbalance leads to marriage becoming a market for women, and population outflow makes the distribution of sexual resources more imbalanced, as well as the difference between matchmaking and free love.

Jiang chip agrees with this. He lamented that, due to the imbalance in the ratio of men to women, marriage in Jiangxi has become just like a “female market”. “Jiangxi old table in order to get married, and then the high bride price does not matter, and the two years we have ‘not pick’ on the female side, the male side A marriage, the woman’s second marriage is also becoming more and more common. “

Yang Liu on the introduction: “I have a cousin, recently went on a blind date, the woman is a second marriage with a 1-year-old child, the other side opened 200,000 bride price. Finally, the two sides did not talk. Not because my cousin thinks people or bride price is not appropriate, but because the woman did not see my cousin. “

From the data, Jiangxi’s gender ratio gap is not large. According to the 2019 1‰ Population Change Survey sample data, the sex ratio (female = 100) in the sample population of Jiangxi Province in 2019 was 104.29, ranking only 12th among the 31 provinces in the country, even much lower than the sex ratio of 123.17 in Tianjin City and 118.05 in Guangdong Province.

But the phenomenon of “son preference for women” does exist. Yang Liu told reporters: “I have a friend, she was 15 years old when the family gave birth to another son. I am the oldest in our family, when I was born, the midwife said that the next child must be a boy, so the family almost sent me to my aunt’s house to raise. But in the end it was my mother who insisted that I did not become a child of my aunt’s family. “

Jiang chip spit out: “Look at the overall data, the ratio of men to women is certainly balanced. But specifically to the rural areas, indeed more men than women. ‘Bachelorette village’ is commonplace. “Xiaoyue of Xi’an proves this statement from the side. Xiao Yue Yue said that the lower the city level, the greater the disparity in the proportion of single men and women: “Although Xi’an is a provincial capital city. But the surrounding counties are still particularly full of single people, and there are a large number of people who are not married, especially men. Because rural areas can not keep girls, but boys have to stay with their parents. “

Population movement is suspected of exacerbating the decline of rural women. The article “The reason for the sky-high bride price in Jiangxi, found” by the public number “Earth Knowledge Bureau” says: With the deepening of reform and opening up, the restrictions on household registration are gradually relaxed, the population As the reform and opening up progressed, household registration restrictions were gradually relaxed and population mobility increased, the status of local internal solutions to marriage problems was broken. Women in areas with less obvious location advantages can settle in more advantageous areas through marriage, but the “dragon king son-in-law” is only a minority, most men will still choose to return to their hometowns.

The reporter noted that Jiangxi was once known as the “first province of working people”. 2017 Spring Festival eve to New Year’s Eve, 360 data center has used 900 million users’ migration trend The 2017 Spring Festival “Empty City Index” report was released, and the data showed that the number of people working in Jiangxi Province accounted for 7.25% of the total number of people in the province, ranking first in the country.

At the same time, in 2015, the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics also based on the sixth census data on the Jiangxi household population out of the analysis, and pointed out that since the 1990s, Jiangxi household population out of the year, to the sixth census in 2010 has reached 5,787,400 people, an average of 2.05 households have a person out.

Of the 5,787,400 people who went out, 56.72 percent were men and 43.28 percent were women. “But men are mostly going home, while women are demanding, more people aspire to urban life and do not return to the countryside more. “Jiang chip said. In this context, accepting the “sky-high” bride price chip has become a mandatory option towards the marriage hall.

After the wedding, “working” to pay off debts

The question that corresponds to the high bride price in Jiangxi is: Does the economic strength of Jiangxi match the amount of the bride price?

In the data and public perception, Jiangxi is not a “rich” province. According to data from the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics, Jiangxi’s gross regional product in 2020 was 2,569.15 billion yuan, ranking 15th among 31 provinces, with Jiangxi in the same two trillion yuan GDP scale of provinces such as Shaanxi, Liaoning, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Meanwhile, among the 24 provinces that have published statistical bulletins on national economic and social development in 2020, Jiangxi province’s per capita disposable income in 2020 was 28,017 yuan, which also ranked 15th among the 24 provinces.

“According to the income of 28,017 yuan, if a family starts saving money from the time of their son’s birth, they can probably save up to 600,000 yuan by the time their son gets married at the age of 22. If the son goes out to work, according to the monthly income of $6,000 to $7,000, work for 5 years, do not eat and drink can have 300,000 to 400,000. Add up just enough to get married once. “Jiang chip,” said, “but few people can smoothly, do not eat and drink to save enough money. “

In this context, Jiangxi old table can only marry a beautiful woman “suitable for its room home”, can only borrow money to get married, work after the wedding to pay off the debt.

“Most people are married couples working in factories, working overtime to pay off debts. Better, if there is only one son in the family, and the parents are healthy, you can parents plus the couple four people working together to pay. But if there are brothers at home, or parents are not healthy, too old, it is more miserable. “Jiang chip introduced.

For the high bride price, Jiangxi has also thought of ways.

In June 2020, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, Fengcheng City, Licun town had issued a red-headed document to resist the high bride price. This red-headed document stipulates: the wedding bride price shall not exceed 99,000 yuan; the banquet shall not exceed 10 tables, and each table shall not exceed 380 yuan.

“Our next town has issued a similar notice to limit high bride price. But this kind of notice has neither a regulatory body nor an enforcement body. The regulations say you can’t have a high bride price, but what will happen if I want a high bride price? No one knows. So it is not binding at all. The bride price of 200,000 to 300,000 is still the same as usual. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

In addition to the local regulations, the Civil Code, which came into force on January 1, 2021, also imposes restrictions on the “bride price. Article 1042 of the Civil Code prohibits the solicitation of property through marriage. At the same time, if the two parties have not registered for marriage, if they have gone through marriage procedures but do not live together, and if the bride price paid before the marriage has led to difficulties in the life of the wife, these three cases can require the return of the bride price.

But the legal practitioner anonymously told reporters bluntly: “‘bride price’ basically can not be circumvented. “

Anonymous said: “The Civil Code ‘prohibits the solicitation of property through marriage’ actually cracked down on the provisions of the marriage as a pretext for soliciting property. . The bride price is a custom, the man according to local customs combined with their own financial ability to pay a certain amount of bride price, and in line with the voluntary and moderate principle, is not illegal. “

“The Civil Code provides so what? Nowadays, marriage is a market for women, and if you don’t pay the bride price, you can’t get a wife. You can not give ah, I do not marry on the line. “Jiang chip pointed out. At the same time, Yang Liu said, the bride price “is a convention in the small society, and in this group, the Civil Code is not very well known.

“The provisions of the Civil Code do not have much impact on Jiangxi. After all, not many people in small counties know about the Civil Code. These two days I still see our village people engaged in ‘sieve’ bride price it. I counted, this time ‘sieve’ the bride price amount of about 160,000. “Yang Liu said.

“Sieve” bride price is a wedding custom in some places in Jiangxi. On the day of engagement, the man will take a sieve full of bride price cash, and then placed in the middle of the table, by the family’s most prominent women (usually grandmother), to end the sieve “sieve The most important woman in the family (usually the grandmother), to pick up the sieve and “sift” the bride price.

But Yang Liu still said frankly: “Privately, I think it’s good to have someone criticize the bride price in Jiangxi. In case it gets attention, there is a change under moral restraint and the bride price amount drops. ”