Don’t love ten points Love eight points

1, do not expect to find a suitable person for you, no one is made for you.

Love is when you know that he is not the person you admire, and understand that he also has various shortcomings, but still choose him, and not because of his shortcomings and abandon all of him, deny all of him.

2, brother, you are not a prince, sister, you are not a princess, and we are not the sun.

Quarrel, are not trying to make each other yield with you, if one party can underneath his high head, you will see good.

3, don’t have nothing to do with two people on the promise of “a lifetime”.

A lifetime, it is possible that you will crush each other, really love him, cherish every day together, a lifetime of commitment is not too koop, because you are still a student, you know what kind of future themselves? Love can not be a meal, not we live the actual, it is called realistic, love is not a fairy tale, nor you make up the drama, how you want to be.

4, love is not an escape, it is an effort, not to avoid the responsibility of giving each other happiness, but to work hard to achieve the obligation to make each other happy.

Don’t be considerate because you are afraid to leave each other. Considerate because of love, not because of fear. Love is a responsibility that is not to be left easily. The person who makes you fear for leaving is not considered a lover, even if you pay more, the person who is leaving, will eventually leave.

5, love is the existence of two people, there is no room for a third person.

Don’t blame your boyfriend for being cautious, and don’t blame your girlfriend for making a big deal out of it. Love is exclusive, please remember.

Do not give each other too much pressure.

It is good for your love to keep a proper distance from the opposite sex.

Too close to the distance, perhaps inadvertently, to make embarrassing moves for each other.

Don’t try to cheat on your lover.

Remember, if you don’t have the certainty of lying to him for the rest of your life, then tell him the truth.

When the lies are repeatedly exposed, it is possible that everything is over.

6, love a person, eight points up!

Too much love a person, you will be full of sweetness because of his / her tenderness, but also because of his / her indifference and depression.

Too much love for a person, will be led by his nose, completely can not own. From then on, you have no own thoughts, no own likes and dislikes, you take him as the center, follow him together, you are the whole world; not with him together, the world is him.

Too much love for a person, will be unprincipled to put up with him, slowly he is used to this indulgence, ignoring what you pay for him, and even find you very annoying, too impersonal ……

Do not think that you love each other ten, he will also love you ten, love is not reasonable, so many times, love is also not equal.

So, love a person do not love to ten points, eight points is enough. The remaining two points, used to love themselves.

7, love needs to operate.

Please believe that no matter how things have changed. Love is still the most ancient and most beautiful story! As long as we have more responsibility, more love for each other’s hearts, more tolerance for each other’s hearts, more bear a suffering, less blame, less some escape. A little more enthusiasm for life, a little more passion for feelings, a little more tolerance for marriage. With the heart to manage the world of feelings in marriage, we will be able to and the loved one to hold hands with the son, and grow old with the son!

8, many things, always after the experience to understand.

Like feelings, only pain, only know how to protect themselves; only stupid, only know how to adhere to the right time and give up, in the gain and loss of our slow understanding of themselves. In fact, life does not need to be so needlessly obsessive, learn to give up, life is really easy.

There is a relationship called no fate, there is a kind of abandonment is called to complete.

9, if he fell in love with someone else, please quietly turn away.

Don’t blame the sky for being unfair, blame the earth for being unkind. If you want to cry, you can cry, you can shout, but don’t be foolish to do these things in front of the person who doesn’t love you. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items on the market. It’s that simple.

10, please believe that there will still be true love in this world.

Seriously, treat your lover responsibly, don’t deny love because you’ve been hurt!